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    How on earth do I get semi-tethered ... i cannot figure it out for some reason

    Like the title says, jailbroke with redsnow on 5.0.1 and i'm trying to get the semi-tethered tweak. I searched in cydia and cannot find it. Can someone point me in the right direction here please. Thanks
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    Winterboard not working- iPhone4, teathered redsnow running 5.0

    Just finally updated to the 5.0 update and jailbroke again using redsnow teathered. Some of my apps dont seem to want to load, 1 being bitesms, and the most important being winterboard. I can open winterboard fine, but when i click on "select themes" it closes. I tried rebooting a few times to...
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    Facebook photo upload problems

    Hey guys, so i snapped a picture the other day and wanted to upload it to facebook, so i opened the facebook app and added the picture along with a caption and click upload. Witbout even tryyyying it immediately says My photo could not be uploaded at this time. I tried on both 3g and wifi with...
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    How to call contact from in sms message

    Hey, i came over from the droid and one thing i really like was while in a text reading it i could tap the contact picture and select to call them without backing all the way out to the home screen, i can't seem to find this feature if the iphone even has it, a little help anyone?
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    I'm jailbroke, but now how do I

    Just got my verizon iphone monday. I jailbroke this morning with greenpoison. I have just a few questions on apps that someone might know of for me to accomplish my goal I want to -be able to change bubble color settings in messages -put airplane mode, and data widgets on homescreen for easy...
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    How to tether?

    On my droid i had PDA net to tether internet to use my laptop once in a while in a pinch, is there something similar to this for the iphone that anyone has come across?
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    Loading contacts onto iphone

    wellllllll its here, but now for the lift of me i cannot figure out how to sync my google contacts with my new iphone so i can get all my contacts transfered ... anybody?