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  1. Candace

    tried to power iPhone 4 down- and then power back on. Phone will not turn on.

    Hi- I have an iPhone 4. Not jailbroken and updated with 6.0. The phone was buggy and slow- so I went to power it down- by holding the Home button and top On/Off button. It powered down and I saw the apple logo. However, it didn't power back on. I tried to press the 2 buttons again- at the...
  2. Candace

    Re-download purchased app without syncing to iTunes on PC

    Hi,I wasn't sure if this should be posted in apps or iTunes section. I have an app that was crashing every time I opened it. (Specifically: Where's My Water). So I deleted it from my phone. Is there a way to re-download this app w/out connecting to iTunes via a PC? I don't have a personal...
  3. Candace

    Facebook slow?

    Is anyone else's Facebook app exceptionally slow lately? I have iPhone 4 vers. 4.2.10. --- - Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk