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  1. Aung Win Htut

    New iPhone 6 Plus Case ..

    Hi , I will receive my new iPhone 6 Plus in tomorrow morning .. Insha-Allah .. My order from Amazon just arrived . Its Caseology cover.. Amazing build .. Here is the Link ...
  2. Aung Win Htut

    Want to transfer Game Save Files to New 6 Plus

    Hi , I am Aung , From Myanmar .. I will receive my New iPhone 6 Plus . Tonight .. I hope .. Inshaallah ... I have 5s . Playing Games . I dont want to fully restore all datas to my new Phone .. I just want to transfer some games . I heard Apple Cloud service can't transfer save files of all...
  3. Aung Win Htut

    reverse tethering

    Hi , My 3G internet connection is very bad on sometimes .. So , Sometime .. i go to internet shop and use with their PC. They dont have wifi . But I want to share Their internet connection to my iphone ( PC to Phone ) through wifi . Some called reverse-tethering . My iphone 5s is just...
  4. Aung Win Htut

    3G only ?

    Hi , I am again ,, Now , I successfully jailbroken with Evasi0n 1.0.1 . I want 3G only tweak . Now to i do with Cydia ... If I go into my home .. My internet connection goes 3G to E .. thanks ... Aung
  5. Aung Win Htut

    I can't redeem my card ..

    Hello , I am from Myanamr , But I am using apple US address for my itunes . One of my friend just send me 25 Pounds £ itunes as for some fees . and I can't redeem to my card . It says i can only redeem in UK store . And When I change to my contry as UK . It says what should i do .. Help...
  6. Aung Win Htut

    Battery fault ?

    Hi , I am very new to ios . I just bought iphone 5s from a local shop . Problem is my battery drain too fast and i hear a news that there are some 5s that have battery fault and apple will change them . I want to know , Is my phone including in that list ? How do I know ? Help me...
  7. Aung Win Htut

    I want 3G only

    Hi , I just received My first iPhone 5s 64 Gb Space Grey . And I have a Problem . When I go into my Home , my Data connection goes down from 3G to E . When it goes to E , I can't even load google . On my old Android Phone , I can set 3G only . It never goes down to E . Can I set 3G only in...
  8. Aung Win Htut

    32 GB Gold or 64 GB Space Grey ..

    Hi All I have some issue . I am from Myanmar . And in Myanmar , the price of 32 GB Gold 5s and 64 GB Space Grey 5s are same Price . ( Gold is head to find and i need to pay extra money for gold ) . So , I donno which one to choose . Go for the Color ? It's Just 32 Gb or go for 64 Gb with...
  9. Aung Win Htut

    Hi , I'm new ..

    Hi , I am new member in this forum .. I'm Aung , Aung Win Htut . From Yangon , Myanmar . My job is media related public relations in a Telecom Company . I am also a Photographer .. Currently , I am android user ( don't disappoint me yet ) . I already ordered 5s Gold and I am still...