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  1. Claire101

    New Member

    Hi Welcome to iphoneforums. :) We are glad to have you here.
  2. Claire101

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    Hello Steve!! Welcome to iphoneforums... :) And hey, congratulations for chosing IOS.
  3. Claire101

    I bit the bullet

    WOW!!! Congratulations.. Happy for you. Please tell us more about your device once you explore all its magnificent features.
  4. Claire101

    SanDisk Announces iPhone iXpand USB/Lightning Connector Flash Drive

    This is excellent!!! Is this going to work with ipad as well? I hope so.
  5. Claire101

    Siri thinks I am talking to her but I am not

    LoL sounds a little funny but disappointing as well. I am glad you were able to turn it off. What features did you use by the way?
  6. Claire101

    Got a SELFIE STICK for my iPhone 6!!!

    Had my iPhone 6 last week and since I want to explore its camera, I also purchased a selfie stick pro for it. I am not trying to promote or brag about the selfie stick I purchased from wallmart but I decided to post it here as I have noticed a number of forum users asking about selfie stick of...
  7. Claire101

    Editing Tool - *.PNG To *.JPG

    Pic collage, or Perfect 360.
  8. Claire101

    To cover or not to cover?

    I have heard that it's okay to just leave the iphone uncovered but for me, I will still choose to put something to protect it. :)
  9. Claire101

    iPhone 6 call volume

    Since my iphone 6 has not arrive yet I would just welcome you to the forum at the moment. Happy posting!!!
  10. Claire101

    Post your lock screens!

    Wow this is fantastic!! I will share mine later.
  11. Claire101

    Size it up! iPhone 6 Photo Contest!

    I think this is going to be real exciting!!!
  12. Claire101

    Popular Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo No Longer Believes There Will Be An iWatch in 2014

    I am an apple fanatic so I look forward to getting the iwatch when it comes out.. :)
  13. Claire101

    Iphone Collapse When I send Photos On FB

    I am using iPhone 4s for more than one year now and lately I noticed that when i send photos through FB, my iphone suddenly collapsed for no reason at all. Why is that then? Is there any way I could sort it out?
  14. Claire101

    Newby on this forum..

    Welcome aboard! Happy posting!!! :ipod::itunes::)
  15. Claire101

    Newbie alert!

    Welcome to the forum russ! Happy posting.
  16. Claire101

    Need Help : iPhone 5C & Otterbox.

    Is otterbox the only option you have? I am sure it will fit.
  17. Claire101

    Hey There

    Welcome aboard... Happy posting and enjoy!!!:itunes::itunes::):)
  18. Claire101

    Just joined

    Welcome to the forum!! Enjoy!
  19. Claire101

    newbie KSA

    Welcome aboard!!! Happy posting!