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  1. allan473

    What did I do wrong - photos gone

    I had about 400 images on my iPhone organized into perhaps 30 albums. I backerd them up to my Mac Pro at home. I am away from home for two months. Two days ago I got a message saying I had not backed up my iPhone in 10 weeks. I thought I would back it up to iCloud where I have 50 gb. I did...
  2. allan473

    constantly reminded to add iTunes pw

    Several times a week I get a pop up asking me to enter my iTunes password. This doesn't happen on my wife's iPhone 7s plus nor either of our iPads. All are running the latest iOS. IS there a setting I can change? Any other ideas?
  3. allan473

    Style or cost?

    What do you think is the major reason sales of the X are lower than expected?Is it the form factor or the cost?
  4. allan473

    import map data into apple maps?

    I don't think this is possible but does anyone know a way to get data from my garmin auto gps unit - directions to locations - into Apple Maps?
  5. allan473

    Log in to iTunes store?

    I have the X and the latest iOS - not sure which is causing the problem. A few time a day I get a message to login to my iTunes account. If I do not login I keep get the message. I never had this happen before. Any ideas?
  6. allan473

    How far can I go on pre-order page now

    I can select the phone and configuration I want. I chose the 1 time payment for unlocked phone. I get to this screen where select is not active. Can I just leave it on this screen and press refresh starting at midnight PST till the select button becomes active or do I have to start at teh screen...
  7. allan473

    Aspect ratio

    My 7plus has a 16:9 aspect ratio which seems normal to me - I like it. I have not checked back on previous models I have owned but they were all probably pretty close to this. I am not sure I will like the 19.5:9 ratio on the X. I have a few friends with the Samsung Gal 8 or Note which have an...
  8. allan473

    iOS 11

    I have been beta testing iOS 11. When the final version comes out what do I need to do to get off the beta program and install iOS 11?
  9. allan473

    FB Purity for iOS

    Is there an app similar to Facebook Purity for iOS? "F.B. Purity is a Facebook customizing browser extension. It alters your view of Facebook to show only relevant information to you. It lets you remove the annoying and irrelevant stories from your newsfeed such as game and application spam...
  10. allan473

    Cydia on non-jailbroken phone

    I like to get updates on jailbreaking the latest iOS so I sub to a list. I have been getting instructions on installing Cydia on non-jailbroken iOS 10 phones. I am curious. Why would you want Cydia on a non-jailbroken phone? It was my understanding that any app you downloaded through them were...
  11. allan473

    Volume compared to 7 plus

    i just bought a 7 plus and gave my 6s plus to my wife. The volume for phone call (listening) is much lower on the 6s plus. I have volume up all the way and neither has a case on it (just for the test.) Is this normal? Is there something I could do?
  12. allan473

    do I have to activate first?

    When I get my new iPhone I am going to give my 6s plus to my wife who presently uses android. I will erase the 6s plus but wonder - do I have to activate it first or can I get it set up with apps, wifi, contacts through google before I activate it. That way, I could get it the way she likes it...
  13. allan473

    Apple Store and Touch ID

    I opened Apple Store app and went to my account. I clicked on the 7plus I ordered to see if the status had changed. A dialog box came up asking for my Touch ID. It did not work but my only option was to cancel. I had hoped I could answer my password but I couldn't. Is there a way to change so...
  14. allan473

    Can I suspend an account in Outlook?

    I have 2 gmail addresses. I want to receive mail from one of them all the time. However, I just want to receive mail from the 2nd account when I am not at home. In the default iOS Mail program, it is easy to check a box saying whether I want to receive mail from an account. It seems Outlook...
  15. allan473

    RU keeping jailbreak?

    i customized my android phones with custom rooms and knew I would jailbreak my 1st iPhone - 6s Plus - when I got it on the day it came out. I waited the short time till the jailbreak came out, jail broke my phone, and added tweaks. I customized icons and home screen layout. I did several other...
  16. allan473

    Questions on camera roll and other albums

    I am trying to move images from my Mac to my iPhone without using iTunes. Using Photo Transfer I can move file from the mac to the camera roll on my iPhone. Is there a way to move the photo from the camera roll into another album, say grandkids?
  17. allan473

    New iPhone user

    Before buying the 6s plus I had Android phones which I always installed custom roms. Whenever I wanted to try a new one I would make what is called a nandroid backup. After I installed the new rom I would restore this backup and all settings, apps, and data were intact. I jailbroke my 9.0.2...
  18. allan473

    Mirroring to Amazon fire

    i followed the instructions here How to mirror your iPad or iPhone to an Amazon Fire TV But when I open AirPlay and select the fire option, as soon as I turn on mirroring AirPlay jumps back to iPhone. Same on iPad Running 9.0.2 and 9.1
  19. allan473

    I had a Cydia problem with the jailbreaking first came out

    I JB my iphone 6s Plus when the jb first came out. After installing a few tweaks, the phone locked up and I could do nothing except restore the phone and get 9.1 At the time I was still able to down grade to 9/.0.2 and re-jailbreak. I did that. I have Cydia but I have not installed any tweaks...
  20. allan473

    Springtomize for iOS9

    I cannot purchase older versions of Springtomize to work with 9.0.2. However, when I goggled "Springtomize for iOS9" I get places to dl it. Can I assume these are phony sites and Springtomize for iOS9 does not yet exist?