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    iPhone 4S batery life after 5.1 update

    My iPhone is still less then 1 month old and shipped(from at&t) to me with iOS 5.0.1. I never really noticed a battey issue when running on 5.0.1. BUT now that I'm running 5.1 I can't kill my battery. I use email, surf the web, youtube, angry birds, twitter, poker not to mention the phone...
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    Who Bought The Extended Warranty For Their iPhone

    I just got my new iPhone 4S Feb. 24. Had a long 5 day wait since Apple insisted on shipping it to me. Anyway when I first setup my account with AT&T I opted out of the "insurance". You know the one I'm talking about. The replace it no matter what happens to insurance they charge (well at least...
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    What Problems Has Jailbreaking Caused Your IPhone

    After reading all the problems reported on the Dev-Team web site I was interested to know if anyone here has had any problems with their Iphone 4s after jailbreaking. Any problem at all that you did not have before jailbreaking. Battery issues? Apps Crashing? Signal problems? Anything!
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    Pleased to meet you

    Hello iPhone 4S Forums... My name is Joel and I just got my new Iphone 4S last friday so I figured I would check you guys out and see what I can learn. Please go easy on the noob.