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  1. madreliz

    iCloud Question

    I have heard people say they manage their iCloud account. How do you do that and where is that located?
  2. madreliz

    iCloud Question

    I just upgraded to iOS 5 and enabled iCloud. My iPhone now has iDisk on it, but I can't do anything with it since Mobile Me is no longer accepting new clients. I tried entering my Apple ID, which is my new iCloud I'd, but it says the account doesn't exist. What do I use iDisk for?
  3. madreliz

    Good calendar app?

    I'm looking for a calendar app that won't allow me to book events on top of each other, and will also let me schedule tasks as well as appointments. It would also be nice if it syncs with the default iPhone calendar. There's so many options, and it's hard to tell from the reviews which are best.
  4. madreliz

    Welcome to the iPhone Forum! Please post an introduction thread.

    Hey, fellow iPhoners. I love forums when people participate. I got to this one through my iPad forum app. I'm looking for a more colorful calendar app for my iPhone 3GS but even with search I didn't see much discussion.