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    iPhone 5 and iPad2 not synching with iTunes

    I just updated to the new iTunes in the last couple of days. Now iTunes will not recognize either my iPhone or iPad. Anyone else having issues with Thanks
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    New PC: Transferring library from old PC iTunes

    This is probably the oldest question in the book, but I've done research and got a bunch of different answers via Google. I also searched this forum and still confused. I bought a new PC, and I want to transfer my iTunes library to the new PC. What is the best way to do this? I have Carbonite...
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    Love Siri

    However, she thinks I am in Richmond, Wisconsin NOT Richmond, Virginia. I've asked her about Richmond, Indiana and Richmond, CA and she gets those cities correct. How can her GPS be so wrong? Is there some setting I can change?
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    Still waiting for my Skinit LeNu case

    I ordered it on 9/19, and it still has not come out of production. Anyone else delayed on their order? I found a cheap case on Amazon that I'm waiting to get in today's mail. I am worried my new iPhone will either get scratched or broken before it arrives.
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    Settings slide button issue

    Anyone having a problem with changing your settings due to the slide button not responding? Is this a known issue or a problem with my new iPhone 5? Thanks