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    iPhone 3G Jailbroken but no Cydia

    I used sn0wbreeze/ ios 4.2 to jailbreak my phone. Then I used whited00r/ios 5 (really 3.1.3) to jailbreak my phone. Then I got an AT&T carrier unlock, so I tried to restore my phone. I didn't know my baseband had been upgraded to 06.15, so I could not restore it. After various errors, I was...
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    Need Help with iPhone 3G that has been jailbroken

    old school - yes! I need some really basic, laymen's help (if possible)... and I am not an iPerson in any form... I have my son's old iPhone 3G. He performed a jailbreak on it and used it successfully for awhile, and then it just locked up. He didn't bother with it, because he was using it on...