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    iPhone SE 2020. IOS15.5. Auto change ringtone

    Changed to iPhone from Android. On the Android I had an app (Automate) that auto changed my ringtone to silent and vibrate, when I was at work, and then changed it back to have audio at 30% when I left work (Using Area/GPS) Automate app is not availible on iPhone, and I have tried both Shortcuts...
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    iPhone SE 2020. IOS15.5. Camera keeps reverting to 4:3

    How can I make it keep the 16:9 format when taking pictures? Every time I open the camera, the format changes back to 4:3. How can I make it stick to 16:9 instead? Note: sometimes it holds the setting, if just exiting the camera and opening it again, but then wait 20 secs - open camera, and...