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    Personal Hotspot, w/verizon unlimited + tethering, breaks connection after one minute

    For the last (about) two weeks, my iPhone 4, on Verizon's Unlimited Plan, with Tethering Plan enabled, breaks the USB and/or WiFi connection to the Win7 laptop AND the iPad WiFi connection after about one minute... consistently. The iOS is 5.0.1. The tethering option has functioned just fine up...
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    Lock iPhone4 to 3G ??

    ...or lock out "Verizon O" and "Extended O" [[ EDIT ]] Looking again in settings, I did find a "Date Roaming" on/off button that I have not seen before. Let's see if that's it. [[ ANOTHER EDIT ]] That didn't work. Setting Data Roaming to OFF might keep the phone from linking to Extended O...
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    Lost 3g Service today - Mobile Substrate the problem

    From early this morning, my iPhone 4 would not lock onto the 3g service... indicating "Verizon O" or "Extended O" only, and barely able to get a simple webpage downloaded. I finally found a discussion about a similar issue - generally on the iPhone 3g, which suggested reinstalling Mobile...
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    iTunes Backup problem - affect upgrade/JB?

    I've tried to get some answers on this through the iPad Forum, as I'm in the same boat with the iPad, but nobody seems to know (or care). My iPhone 4 - 4.2.8 JB (and my iPad 2 - 4.3.3 JB ) will not perform a backup with the latest version of iTunes. I just get a message that the backup could...
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    Battery Indicator Issue

    Hi, iCrank. Ya, I think you're on to something. A while ago, I switched from a charging/power block that I got when I bought the phone - an aftermarket accessory, which has two USB charging ports on it - to the original. Switching the charge to the original white charger block has brought...
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    Battery Indicator Issue

    In the last few days, when I look at the phone in the morning, after having been on the charger all night, the charger indicator says 94%. It IS plugged into reliable power. And, it stays on and in standby all the time. Yesterday, I let the phone discharge below 20% (for the first time in the...
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    iPhone 4 or 5/Unlimited Data Plan situation.

    I'm not confident that Verizon (with whom I'm now an iPhone 4, and recently initiated contract holder) won't change the rules on this "unlimited data" plan down the road some. I envision that an upgrade to a new phone will constitute a new contract, and hence, a new set of rules about data...
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    can I recover deleted files on my iPhone4?

    Any word on this from the iOS-5 beta users yet. With my 32 G's and only a few used so far, I agree, there's no reason that some of it couldn't be used for a "Recycle Bin" - if you'll all please excuse my Windows-ism. Or at least, allow the option to set one up if desired. Brian
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    Personal Hotspot - very troublesome

    I have found a successful sequence of operations that gets the various tethering connections going every time now. It's really a matter of IP addressing and protocols. I seem to have settled on the right order of starting the processes that seems to make it work just fine now. Brian
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    Mi-Wi on JBed 4.2.8

    Boy, the app Icon sure should be there. I didn't have that trouble myself. You might try doing an iTunes sync, or something. Or you could just go through the same motions with Cydia and MyWi to reinstall it. On a previous note, I have ironed out my difficulties with my connecting via WiFi to...
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    Personal Hotspot - very troublesome

    I have the paid Verizon "Personal Hotspot" service, and generally connect it by USB... which is quite reliable. However the WiFi connect scheme is a big PIA. Most of the time I have to bully it, poke it, shut it down (phone and computer) cuss at it, throw it at the wall, and say unmentionable...
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    Moderators - lost thread - please find

    Ok. Hope it wasn't my fault. I'll try to invent it again. Thanks, Brian
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    Moderators - lost thread - please find

    I just finished typing a new (long) thread about "Personal Hotspot" - which has dissappeared after some kind of system interruption or maintenance process. If someone can dig it up and put it back, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks Brian
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    Iphone4 hot spot does not appeat

    I know this answer is for an issue that is just a little stale, but today, I discovered (on my Verizon iPhone 4) the entry in settings for Personal Hotspot was completely missing. I finally got into Settings<>General<>Network and also found it there. When I turned hotspot on there, the entry...
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    VZW Ip4 reception problems?

    Thisrokz, I've only had my iPhone for 2 weeks now, and at my current location, I don't have a reception problem at all. However, I know I'll be getting into situations for a month or two at a time to come, where I'll definately have that same problem. For my previous Internet connection, I...
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    Trouble connecting my Windows laptop to iPhone hotspot

    Craig, Do this: Go to Start <> Run <> and type CMD - or look for the dos utility in Programs <> Accessories. In the dos box type: ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew - All this while you have the computer's WiFi adaptor enabled and online, AND the phone's hotspot feature enabled. Let...
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    how to tell when verizon iphone manufactured?

    I thank you also for the link. I just got my phone a week ago, and see that it was manufactured back in February. It had 4.2.6 on it. It seems like they had that one sitting around for quite a while, considering the demand I thought there was for that Verizon phone. Hmmmm
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    Verizon Iphone4 Esn Help!?

    Seems pretty illicit and unjust for a fellow to find such a phone and not make an attempt to find its owner. The carrier certainly could ID the phone and know who it really belongs to. Too bad that you have gotten into this situation, but I'd bet that you will also be stuck with a purchase...
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    Mi-Wi on JBed 4.2.8

    Skeeter, I haven't been able to get the computer to make a WiFi connection to Mywi yet, and I've tried 'till I'm blue in the tooth. (Actually, my computer doesn't have BlueTooth, so I haven't been able to try that yet.) It works fine on USB as long as I don't upset things and turn on the...
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    Mi-Wi on JBed 4.2.8

    Hi there... and yes, I'm using it right now. Works just fine, except for the occasional incident of the computer not wanting to connect to it - or perhaps it's the app not wanting to recognize the computer connected to it and start. I've only had that happen a couple of times. I just badger...