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    Seriously contemplating going back to Android.

    I use this : Apple MFi Certified 256GB... Apple MFi Certified 256GB Photo-Stick for iPhone, 3 in 1 USB3.0 iOS USB Flash-Drive, Photo-Storage-for-iPhone, Memory-Sticks Thumb Drives for iPhone Backup Memory Stick for iPhone iPad Samsung PC iMac: Computers & Accessories Seems to...
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    WhatsApp wallpaper won’t change for individual contacts!!

    Lol, the usual fob off! Unfortunately,since I have just literally got this phoneand immediately updated it, I never tried it before I updated to 15.5.... So don't know if it was working on 15.4or not! Oh well maybe v16 will fix it....
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    WhatsApp wallpaper won’t change for individual contacts!!

    Just tried. I too can't set wallpaper for individual contacts within WhatsApp chats....
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    Transfer android to iPhone

    Hi, I too have just purchased an iPhone 13 pro max after coming from Android since iPhone 3GS.... So pretty much in same boat as you. Most things Google related transfered and set up as expected. Photos I did on my laptop using iTunes as already mentioned. As for my whatsapp messages I used...