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    Car mount with charger for iPhone 5

    Go to proclipsusa they have car holder and charger. No drilling. I have one in my truck for iPhone 4S but it still works with adapter. They make one for the 5 now.
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    FBI issues warning over android malware

    I think he knew what he meant
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    Who wants the iPhone 5?!

    I am holding out for the Iphone 8.
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    Minneapolis Survey Reveals iPhone Retention Rate of 94% Compared to Android’s 47%

    216 mobile users. I dont think thats very compelling.
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    Verizon iPhone GPS issue

    Without good cell tower coverage? If that is the case, then both of my iphone had broken gps's
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    Broke my screen

    From now on if i break i will just consider it a forced upgrade
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    Broke my screen

    Get the one for 169. I just ordered a screen anstalled it. It was a ***** and they sent me a bad screen. I am out almost hundred bucks and several hours. Now i dont know what to do with it.
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    Verizon iPhone GPS issue

    I dont know. I do know that my verizon iphone is not a real gps. If i loose tower signal, it craps out as far as nav goes
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    Verizon iPhone GPS issue

    Its a cell tower assisted gps not a real gps. It is disappointing
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    Android users to quit the platform for iPhone 5?

    They are both good and both have issues. For example, voice recognition on my droid worked and on my iphone it's junk. Iphone bookmarks podcasts and my droid would not. Only reason i switched. Oh yeah and cell phone assisted gps sucks. My incredible had a real gps.
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    iPhone vs HTC

    The only reason I switched is because the droid would not bookmark podcasts and I could not find a car dock for it. I have now found that the bluetooth on my iphone sucks. As far as apps go, there is usually an android equal app in the market and more times than not, it free. The call quality...
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    Might leave behind my IP4 for the HTC Desire HD

    Actually you are right. I had a droid Incredible but it wouldn;t bookmark audio. That is why I got the iphone. As far as apps go there is not equal because apple charges for all the apps I had for free in the market. But, it's only .99 so who cares.
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    Wifi Sync and Verizon Iphone

    I jailbroke with 6.1 and tried the wifisync but it won't install. It says not supported
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    Greenpois0n 4.2.1 un tethered jailbreak for windows users

    I just did it and it worked great. Kept all my stuff. It was a s easy as rooting my ncredible. Thanks to all who made this.
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    What do people see in Verizon?

    I hate Verizon customer service but they are great as far as coverage in way more locations then AT&T. I wish they could beef up their coverage. I would switch if they did. As far as Iphone goes. My Incredible does almost everything my new iphone does except bookmarking podcasts and they...
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    Verizon's new iPhone 4 Commercial

    I think that commercial was addressing making a phone call. And Verizon has a much bigger network as far as making phone calls. I hate verizons customer service and company but until ATT puts up some more towers that is what I'm stuck with. After all, a phone is suppose to make phone calls.