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    iPhone Screen size?

    I am wondering if any of you guys have recently upgraded from a nexus or S3 or some other phone with a bigger screen down to the new iPhone? I have had every model iphone except the first one to date and switched back to android about 4-5 months ago to the Galaxy Nexus bc of LTE. I wanna try...
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    Too many JD problems!!

    I have jailbroken twice using iPhone 4S. Version 1 and 3 of absinthe. Once just jailbroken without restoring first. That was a nightmare. Phone froze up after every incoming call. Had to reboot afterwards to get back off the call screen. Then music would never play. I am using iTunes match...
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    Who didn't update to iOS 5? Am I alone?

    I have been looking all over the forum for a thread for those that have not yet updated to iOS 5. I haven't yet because of a few jailbreak apps I use and don't wanna loose those. Have stopped by a store and played with a 4s and really didn't notice that big of a difference in 5.0 vs. 4.xxxx.