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    Iphone 5s replacement screen backlight not working

    Hi guys, So yesterday i replaced the digitizer of a iphone 5s,but the backlight does not work..i can barely see anything on screen,it switches on,vibrates and all of that but no backlight..i tried with the old cracked screen and it works fine..could it be the new screen that is damaged?? Thanks...
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    Cannot activate iphone 5s after restore!plz help

    Hi guys,my sister iphone was somehow disabled so i restore it,after that it asks me to activate by it using her apple id and pass but it says that the apple id cannot be used to activate it..the phone is brand new,never had another apple id on it..cannot use icloud as she never used it so i cant...
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    Barclays mobile banking (uk)not working after jailbreak

    Hi guys,does anybody know how to get barclays mobile banking working,after jailbreak my iphone 5 it stoped working,it says that the app does not work with jailbroken phones :s... Thanks guys