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    Personal Hotspot, w/verizon unlimited + tethering, breaks connection after one minute

    For the last (about) two weeks, my iPhone 4, on Verizon's Unlimited Plan, with Tethering Plan enabled, breaks the USB and/or WiFi connection to the Win7 laptop AND the iPad WiFi connection after about one minute... consistently. The iOS is 5.0.1. The tethering option has functioned just fine up...
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    Lock iPhone4 to 3G ??

    ...or lock out "Verizon O" and "Extended O" [[ EDIT ]] Looking again in settings, I did find a "Date Roaming" on/off button that I have not seen before. Let's see if that's it. [[ ANOTHER EDIT ]] That didn't work. Setting Data Roaming to OFF might keep the phone from linking to Extended O...
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    Lost 3g Service today - Mobile Substrate the problem

    From early this morning, my iPhone 4 would not lock onto the 3g service... indicating "Verizon O" or "Extended O" only, and barely able to get a simple webpage downloaded. I finally found a discussion about a similar issue - generally on the iPhone 3g, which suggested reinstalling Mobile...
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    iTunes Backup problem - affect upgrade/JB?

    I've tried to get some answers on this through the iPad Forum, as I'm in the same boat with the iPad, but nobody seems to know (or care). My iPhone 4 - 4.2.8 JB (and my iPad 2 - 4.3.3 JB ) will not perform a backup with the latest version of iTunes. I just get a message that the backup could...
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    Battery Indicator Issue

    In the last few days, when I look at the phone in the morning, after having been on the charger all night, the charger indicator says 94%. It IS plugged into reliable power. And, it stays on and in standby all the time. Yesterday, I let the phone discharge below 20% (for the first time in the...
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    Personal Hotspot - very troublesome

    I have the paid Verizon "Personal Hotspot" service, and generally connect it by USB... which is quite reliable. However the WiFi connect scheme is a big PIA. Most of the time I have to bully it, poke it, shut it down (phone and computer) cuss at it, throw it at the wall, and say unmentionable...
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    Moderators - lost thread - please find

    I just finished typing a new (long) thread about "Personal Hotspot" - which has dissappeared after some kind of system interruption or maintenance process. If someone can dig it up and put it back, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks Brian