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    Gold or silver?

    Have had the white iPhones since they came out. Love the white and silver. Thinking of getting gold this time around. Any opinions from people who actually have the gold? Thanks and happy holidays everyone!
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    Tethering Question

    When I bought my iPhone 5, I paid in full for it as I did not want to lose my unlimited data. I also pay $30.00 a month so I can tether from my iPhone. I have always been under the assumption that I have unlimited tethering, since I share with my data plan, which is unlimited. Yesterday I was...
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    Screen protector or no?

    Ok so I have ALWAYS used screen protectors. I'm so afraid of scratching my device. But I did a trial run starting about two months ago with my iPad and my mini and to my shock I LOVE the way the screen looks and feels without any protection. And so far, no scratches. Now the big question- do I...
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    Charging/stereo dock

    Has anyone come across a dock that charges AND has speakers to play music for the iPhone 5?
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    Black or white?

    Just wondering what color everyone went with?
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    Iphone 5 wont connect to wifi

    I know it's not my Internet because my iPads are connected fine. I have turned phone on and off. Turned wifi on and off. Suggestions?
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    Iphone wont play music!

    When I go to my music and press the song I want to hear, it doesn't play. This happens with all the songs, not just a particular one. Any ideas why this is happening?
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    Ones anyone else change their phone case often like I do? I change mine every couple of days!!
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    Flash on the White iphone

    Ones anyone else have issues using the flash on the white iPhone?
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    What color case looks best with white iphone?

    Would love to hear your thoughts....
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    Do you always have a case on your phone or do you sometimes go "naked"?
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    Screen protector?

    With the new glass on the 4s that is supposed to be fingerprint resistant, I'm undecided if I should use a screen protector. Thoughts?
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    Uograde to 4s or stay wuth my 4?

    Please help me out! I'm having such a hard time deciding whether to upgrade or not. First let me say, I was very disappointed that Apple didn't add more of the features I was hoping for (new design, bigger screen, thinner). I'm figuring most of the new features will be available in ios5 with...