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    Song Total Not Matching

    I just noticed that I am getting four different numbers when I look at my song total. i have iCloud Music and Apple Music both enabled. Here are the numbers: 1) 1,723 showing up on my iPhone under the "About" screen 2) 1,729 in my iTunes library 3) 1,679 when I highlight the orange bar on my...
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    Contacts Not Syncing Up

    How come the contacts on my iPhone 6 aren't showing up when I use iMessages on my MacBook Pro? I just got a text from someone who is in my contacts list on my Phone, but on my MacBook it just shows their number and not the name.
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    Messages Not Syncing

    I just noticed on my iPhone 5 (8.0.2) and my MacBook Pro don't sync up when I receive or send messages. They are messages on my MacBook that don't show up on my iPhone. I have them both synced up. What is causing this?
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    Question About Available Space on Phone

    So I was adding some songs to my iPhone5 and noticed that iTunes shows my iPhone as having 10.21 GB of "other" on it. What falls under the "other" category?
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    Issue with Mophie Charing Case

    So I have a Mophie Juice Pack Air charging case for my iPhone 5. I have the case itself fully charged, but when I put the case on my phone and have it charge the phone, nothing happens. Is anyone else having an issue with this case?
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    Need Suggestion For New Case

    The case I have for my iPhone5 broke and so I need a new case. The one had was one I got off The Official Site of Major League Baseball (Minnesota Twins case). So it wasn't the best choice to begin with. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good case that is relatively cheap...
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    Charging Cases?

    I am heading to NYC in April for the NFL Draft and was just wondering. Do they have any cases that also serve as a battery charger at the same time? I don't want my phone to die while at the draft. I know it's still 3-3 1/2 months away, but was just wondering. If they don't, do you think they...
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    Songs Appearing Twice

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but just thought I would start here. So I have bought a few new albums and songs and when I put them onto my iPhone4, it shows up twice. I have attached an imagine below to show. One of the songs has a square inside the circle. Anyone know...
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    Best Car Adapter?

    I am currently using a tape thing to listen to music in my car wit my iphone. However, the tape clicks as it plays, so I was just wondering what you all use in your car when you listen to music via your iPhone and which the best options are. I don't want anything super expensive.