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    i keep running out of storage space even though i should have plenty

    My iPhone keeps running out of space. Not sure why. I have an iPhone 4s 16 GB. My usage is Photos 1.3 GB, Whatsapp 1 GB, Messages 1 GB, and everything else combined is less than 3.5 GB. So total of under 7 GB. Why does it say I have 0 space? Literally, 0! I just deleted a number of photos then...
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    my data is being eaten up!

    I have an iPhone 4s, not any kind of LTE connection. Using iOS 6. Last month I managed to go over my data after 2 or 3 weeks, which rarely happens, since I have TWO GIGS. I had no idea why. I reset my data stats this week in case it happens again, and I noticed after a mere 8 days I had used up...
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    Question about the reminder function

    With some of my reminders there's an alarm attached, while with some there's both an alarm and a due date as separate fields. Would anyone know why this is and what I can do about it? It gets annoying have to work with 2 dates. What do the 2 separate fields mean, wouldn't an alarm theoretically...
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    Gmail doesnt seem to sync properly

    I find my iPhone doesnt seem to sync properly with my Gmail. Whether all my mails get downloaded, I'm guessing they do but hard to say for sure since I have 200+ unread emails. For now lets assume that they get downloaded fine. But when I'm searching for something it wont show up. For example I...
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    iphone calendar issue with facebook

    Someone on FB's created an event Oct 1 - Dec 31. So now its showing up on my iPhone calendar every single day. Is there a way to get rid of it? I already selected not going but that doesnt seem to do it. I also tried unfriending the person who created it but that didnt do it either. Please help...
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    setting a reminder

    I'm fairly new to iPhone. So far I've found that the reminder function isnt optimal. I wonder if I'm just using it wrong? When I schedule an event in my phone I'd like to be made aware when its coming up. So far I've found that I can set alerts, but if I dont do that there's no reminder. If I...