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    Static Noise in Earbuds while walking/jogging with iPhone in pocket?

    4S. I am having random but frequent pops and clicks coming through my earbuds-3 different kinds/brands-while my iPhone is in my front pocket and I am walking and or running. Happens with a case, without, etc. Doesn't happen if I hold it in my hand and it's not the cable coming out of the...
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    $5 Carbon Themed Phone....

    Just wanted to share this. for $5 I turned my 4S into this. I thought it was pretty good for the ultra cheap setup. I used a $2 Apple bumper clone and $3 carbon fiber full body skin from ebay. I think the black bumper goes well with the skin.
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    Where can I buy OEM 4S back plates?

    I know if I go into an Apple store they will replace my backplate for $29 but is there a place I can just buy it out right?
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    Explain best way for backing up my pictures please....

    I use the cloud. When I sync my iPhone to my computer, under Photos, I only see an option for sync pictures 'From...', not to.... So I assume all of my pics on my phone are not being put on to my computer each time I sync? How can I sync them to my computer?
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    What's your charge rate?

    On my 4S, using the Apple 10W, 2.1amp charger I get about 1% per minute, so a full charge in 100 minutes. Is this what you are seeing?
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    Two Apps to check out...

    I have no interest in any of these apps other than recreation. I have found them, tried them and like them. Just passing on info. Camera + is a must. The filters, borders, etc are well worth the money. If you were only going to buy one camera app, this would be it. Tadaaa. It's free. This...
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    Has it been definitively proved Gorilla Glass is on the 4 and 4S?

    I know the Jobs autobiography talks about the older iPhones using Gorilla Glass, but what about current phones?
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    5.1 Beta 3 is out, anyone have it?

    How is it? What does it add/subtract? Battery life? Poor ringtone sound fixed?
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    Thinnest 4S case?

    Looking for something similar to the Switcheasy Nude but with 'lay on table' design where the front edge of the case sits higher than the front glass. I need it to cover the top area where the headphone jack is also. Any ideas? thanks.
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    Improve Earbud Sound Quality for 12 cents

    I know most hate the earbuds Apple packs with most iphones. The remote on the earbud is nice though. I have found putting a foam cover on the earbud greatly improves the sound quality. I got the covers on ebay and they cost about 6 cents each. The foam keeps the bud from sliding around and makes...
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    Photos not downloading after restore?

    I restored my 4S and after all the apps downloaded the photos(camera roll, photo stream) are stuck on 388 out of 409. The spinning wheel just sits there. I have hard reset three times and no luck. I am on wifi and have a strong connection. Any ideas?
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    Sharing Apps with multiple iPods, IPads?

    Is it possible to share purchased apps with ipod touch and iPads that have different apple id's in my family? My kids all have IOS devices, is there away they can share my purchased apps without me logging into there device with my apple ID? Thanks.
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    App Icon is Blank Gray while Downloading?

    Are your app icons blank gray while downloading? I just noticed my 4S doing this the last two days. I don't recall it being like this before.
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    Another 4S bug

    When trying to send picture via text, if you use Siri for the text dictation, upon pressing send, the app will close and return to the home screen and the message will not be sent.
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    Custom Ringtones Sound Bad on 4S...(Bug)

    I think I found a bug. When adding custom ringtones to your 4S they sound muffled and the volume is lowered. If you choose the same sound as your text tone it sounds great-loud and clear. I hope this is not Apples way of forcing us to buy ringtones....
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    Does your 4S screen look like this?

    Yellowgate anyone?
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    Express Replacement Service Fee?

    Anyone get their iphone replaced under warranty through the mail from Apple get charged a $29 Express replacement fee?
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    Best Way to Restore Clean?

    What is the best way to restore your phone yet recover app data from iCloud afterwords?
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    Damaged Phone Options

    If you have no insurance and your phone is damaged and or out of warranty, the cost of a 4S say to get repaired/replaced at Apple is $199 correct? Weighing having insurance. With such high deductibles, it doesn't seem to make sense to carry it-minus theft or a straight loss.
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    Steve Jobs Cancer

    I read this and thought anyone interested in Jobs or who has read the book by Walter Issacson would appreciate this. It talks about the cancer jobs had and explains how Jobs waiting 9 months to have surgery did not cause his death. McDougall Newsletter: November 2011 - Why Did Steve Jobs Die?