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    Apple releases new iPhone SE

    Well, I’ve thought about this some since I paused on the pre-order. There was the 256gb version Apple care for 2 years I have ATT & thought I’d pay for that to be set up prior to shipment. All things available thru the pre-order. I’m guessing, but... My first thought was : is there a tax...
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    Apple releases new iPhone SE

    Anyone know if Otterbox will have a Defender case for this one? Or... Is there an existing case that will fit this SE ? Thx 4-17-20 update WOW 50.00 in taxes at checkout within the pre-order I'm puzzled
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    Can't delete a calendar event

    J.A. : How would someone delete the calendars "subscribed" to?
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    Reports of iOS 11 Battery Life Issues Persist Despite Updates

    Just now DL'ing 11.3 we shall see soon enough if battery life improves
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    Reports of iOS 11 Battery Life Issues Persist Despite Updates

    I'm not seeing this "11.3 beta 4" available in software updates on my 5SE. my up to date current iOS is 11.2.6 I have to use my extra power supply to keep mine from dying daily
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    Reports of iOS 11 Battery Life Issues Persist Despite Updates

    My 5SE battery goes down fast now since installing each iOS 11 update. Currently on : 11.1.2 Disappointing
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    Rumour: All iPhone 8 Models Will Have Curved Displays and Touch-Sense Technology

    I use an Otter Box case on my i5SE. Will these present any issues forthcoming with this curved plastic design ?
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    Hacking ANY Smartphone is Far Easier Than Most People Realize

    Based upon some existing analytical companies, with their ability to track devices, what measures would the people of this website suggest to users to protect themselves?
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    Will iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S Cases Work on the iPhone SE?

    My otter box 5S case works perfectly with my SE
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    iPhone SE Said to be Having Bluetooth Audio Issues During Phone Calls

    This is good news on finding the fix. After reading this, I thought it was carrier/satellite issues. When speaking to one friend daily, he has i4 I think, we have both noticed at times acquiring odd electrical sounds. Some are louder than other; some just some sort of odd scratch sounds. We...
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    iPhone SE screen interlaced scan lines?

    With my SE, it only occurs as I drag the screen in any direction. With no movement of the screen, it's just an image.
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    First glimpse

    I'm not sure what you are basing this on but it is nearly identical to the 5 series; not the 5C. Just as finished as just about every iPhone Apple makes, IMO. Care to share your reasonings ?
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    iOS 9.3 update problem

    Yesterday, I went to the Apple Store after work and purchased 1 of 2 remaining SE phones in stock. My 9.3.1 issue is now with Apple as I used it in a recycle exchange. I walked away from my i5S with 9.3.1 still having issues. No regrets
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    Anyone getting the iPhone SE

    24 hours now of owning my new space gray 64gb i5SE. I'm very happy. Went to local Apple Store last night to purchase new power cables and the same sales worker as before helped me. She was wonderful. Turns out they had 2 of these available. Yet said none were available within 70...
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    iOS 9.3 update problem

    Still frustrated with this 9.3.1 update. Safari browser issues continue to persist. Now relying on a 640 to get my web links. :-(
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    iPhone SE Has a Better Battery Life Than iPhone 6S and iPhone 5S

    When I get the SE, I'll put it thru the paces. I'm on my cell at work all day. My 5S drinks using Bluetooth or some apps using updating within cell data.
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    Apple Working on Fix for Web Link Bug in iOS 9.3 and Older Versions

    Not for my 5S. Been at Apple Store, demonstrated the issues, was told to update with 9.3.1 Phone still locks up in apps and safari and/or links using safari. Is 5 SE experiencing these issues? (Or even 6 and up phones?)
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    iOS 9.3 update problem

    I was at the local Apple store this evening. Employee directed me to the 9.3.1 update. Stayed at the store until it updated. Apps are starting to work. However... Safari is still not completing page loading. I'm still frustrated. Going back another day to ave my i5S diagnosed. Looked at the...
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    iOS 9.3 update problem

    Received the latest iOS 9.3 update today. Still, I have Apps that will not completely open. Safari also struggles, if not fails, to open links when selected. Even right now, attempts to complete loading this page but never finishes. :-(
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    Anyone getting the iPhone SE

    I'm in the market to replace my i5s. I want a larger screen. 5.2 works for me. BUT.... This SE has alot to offer in what Apple says its going to have. I might have 2 phones just because this SE seems so appealing. Thoughts?