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    Ringer not loud enough

    Just to add: Increase the volume of your file when creating the custom ringtone from iTunes by increasing the gain in 'get info' to 100% if you want. IMHO the ringer is loud enough as it is unless something is blocking the speakers, like a case or something. Just my 2 cents. Cheers.
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    Sent email not in sent folder

    AussieRosco, Which email protocol are you using, i.e,. Exchange, or Imap? If it's Imap do the followings: 1. Go to Setting>Mail etc>Your account>Account Info>Advanced> 2. In your Mailbox behaviors, change your setting for your Sent Mailbox (also Draft and Deleted if you want). It...
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    Disappearing Sent Folder in Gmail via Google Sync (Exchange Setting)

    Greetings, Looks like I have to answer myself here, LOL. I found the cause of the above problem and the (hopefully permanent) solution. It was not the Mail app but Google Sync setting. Here's how I get my Sent Folder back. 1. Go to Gmail and delete duplicate labels, in my case-...
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    App for "Facetiming" with non iP4 users

    Been using Fring since I got my iP4. A good alternative for those who need to video call someone not on iP4 and it works over 3G. To those wanted to use Fring, here are some points based on my experience with it: 1. Fring will populate your Buddy List with your iP4 contacts. 2. It is best if...
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    Disappearing Sent Folder in Gmail via Google Sync (Exchange Setting)

    Greetings, Mail on my iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1 (non-jailbroken). After setting up Push Gmail using the Exchange setting via Google Sync everything seems to work well. I have set up "Mail Folders to Push" for the Inbox and Sent Items folders, and the "Mail Days to Sync" to 1 week.. All folders...
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    New Member - Kuala Lumpur

    Greetings, Finally succumb to Steve Job will after years of Symbian phones. Would like to introduce myself: Nick: Keribang Location: Kuala Lumpur iDevices: iPhone 4 32GB Black; iOS 4.1 non-jailbroken. Sync to: Windows 7 64 bit Cheers.