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    Best app that will give phone number for iPod?

    I'm looking for the best free app that will allow my Daughter on her iPod Touch 5th Gen to get a phone number that will allow her to text. Essentially, it's to allow her to use SnapChat on her iPod to send quirk things to her Brothers and I. I've looked at Viber, but is there anything else...
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    Backup SMS Messages?

    Does anyone know of an iOS7+ tweak/app that will allow me to back up my SMS messages in a format that is easy to print? I have something similar for my Android phone, and it makes it super easy (actually does everything automatically for me) for my lawyer to be able to sort through texts from...
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    iOS7 working respring/reboot hack?

    Does anyone know of a working respring/reboot tweak that is working under iOS7? I used to use SBSettings and I think Springtomize but both don't work on this 5c. Another tweak I'm looking for is the one where you can speed up iOS in stages. I forgot what the tweak was called. Any help is...
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    Other than the GMail app, what other good email app is there? I know MailBox is getting a lot of press, but by the time I get through the queue, I'll be 90. Is there something better than the default app for checking IMAP based email accounts?
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    iPhone purchases to iPod?

    I have an iPhone 4 with game purchases for my daughter. I would like to transfer those purchases to an iPod touch so I can finally have my phone to be MY PHONE!! LOL! How would I accomplish this? Do I have to set up a different account for her and transfer the purchases that way? I don't want...
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    Getting rid of the bubbles in messaging?

    I absolutely hate the bubbles in the messaging app, even when using BiteSMS. Is there anything that will/can change them to way Android or Blackberry does the messaging? Just threaded view, nothing special..