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  1. TimeTraveler7

    "On My iPhone" Downloads and other folders not available on computer?

    Not sure if this is a bug or again some "security" "feature", but I can't seem to find the new Downloads folder (or any other folders I created within the Files app in the "On My iPhone" section) anywhere when viewing the structure from the computer (tried with iMazing, iFunbox, and also, albeit...
  2. TimeTraveler7

    Unable to add ringtones via iTunes

    As it turns out, I can't add ringtones to my iPhone anymore with iTunes. If I go to "On My Device / Tones", there's a list of all previously imported ringtones on the right. However, when I try to drag&drop a new one (either to the right side, or to the toolbar/Tones on the left), I get the...
  3. TimeTraveler7

    How to see/remove "ghost" documents on iCloud?

    My iCloud shows me (either on site, as shown on the attached screenshot, or via Settings "app" on iDevices) that it contains some "documents". It's not about the size, but I'm curious to see what these ghost documents are, and how to delete them. The thing is, I don't even use most...
  4. TimeTraveler7

    Background app refresh - for content or everything?

    Is Background App Refresh in iOS 9 only for updating app content in the background, or for anything related to background tasks? At the end of this page About Multitasking on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support it says "With Background App Refresh, suspended apps can check for...
  5. TimeTraveler7

    Does Apple now randomly force iMessage/Facetime activation?

    Ever since I updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 9, I've noticed that I occasionally get that dialog box notifying me that carrier charges may incur for activating iMessages/Facetime (with Cancel/OK choices). I don't use these two anymore, so I was wondering whether this is some sort of a new...
  6. TimeTraveler7

    Calendar and tomorrow widgets not refreshing

    I only use Calendar and Tomorrow Summary widgets on my iPhone and iPad, and I've noticed that they're not refreshing correctly or regularly. I haven't noticed any pattern, but they either don't refresh for a few days or refresh randomly. For instance, they were empty on my iPhone during the...
  7. TimeTraveler7

    Diag codes?

    I've seen at an Apple service that they entered some diag codes into Safari to get more detailed info on the battery. I think the URL was like diag:####, where #### was a number. It launched an app of a sort, which disappeared after going out of foreground. Does anyone know where those codes...
  8. TimeTraveler7

    Getting a replacement iPhone when battery is dying

    I've heard you can get a brand new (?) iPhone if your battery has reached a certain point of old age and use, by turning the old device in, paying some fee, and waiting a few days/weeks. Does anyone know if you really get a new or just a refurbished one? I heard you only get 3 months of warranty...
  9. TimeTraveler7

    Deleting stuff and free space availability

    Is there a (significant) delay after you delete something on your iPhone (or any iOS device, I suppose) before that space is actually available again (shown in Settings and/or other system tools apps)? Namely, I deleted an app (a file manager/repository) today with 30+ GB of data (because it...
  10. TimeTraveler7

    SwipeSelection as 3rd party?

    Now that iOS8 officially supports 3rd party keyboards... is there any such keyboard available yet, which would be similar to SwipeSelection Cydia tweak? I like the default keyboard, but the only thing I miss is the ability to swipe left/right over the keyboard in order to move the cursor left/right.
  11. TimeTraveler7

    Apps for measuring cellular data transfer

    Which app for controlling cellular data transfer quotas is the most reliable - has anyone made any comparisons? I currently have two: My Data Manager and DataMonitor. The latter is from Cydia so it only works on a jailbroken device (which I probably won't have for long due to lack of time). My...
  12. TimeTraveler7

    Lot's of Low Memory error entries

    I've noticed quite a lot of Low Memory error/diagnostics entries on my 4S ever since I upgraded to 7.1.x. Out of those transferred to the computer via iTunes, there are around 80 items for June, around 260 for July, and 252 for August so far. Is this something 4S on 7.1.2 has to live with, or...
  13. TimeTraveler7

    Microsoft OneNote

    Is there anyone out there who uses OneNote app (or is at least able to start it normally) on a jailbroken iDevice? I can't seem to start it on my jailbroken iPhone - it crashes immediately. I don't know if it's jailbreak related or not, though. (Lately, the same has been happening with OneNote...
  14. TimeTraveler7

    Changing Facebook Messenger incoming message sound

    Does anyone know if it's possible to change the default FB Messenger sound for incoming messages (which has become quite loud some time during the last half year or so)? I searched for .m4a files within Messenger app's folder, but none of those I found sounded like the one I'm looking for. Could...
  15. TimeTraveler7

    Looking for one classic ringtone

    I know it's probably a needle in a haystack, but it doesn't hurt to ask... I'm looking for a ringtone that was used some time during late 90s or early 2000s. I think some Motorola phones had it. It's hard to describe these things, but I'd say it's one of those classic digital rings, except that...
  16. TimeTraveler7

    Switching bookmarks sync from iCloud to iTunes (local)

    I recently changed the settings to sync bookmarks on my iPad and iPhone with Internet Explorer via iTunes (and turned off iCloud sync for them). It works fine with iPad. When syncing iPhone, on the other hand, the following is written in iTunes where it should be "Sync bookmarks with...": Your...
  17. TimeTraveler7

    How to exfil SMS from sms.db?

    I'd like to extract SMS and iMessage data from sms.db file on my iPhone. I was able to locate and download the file from the iPhone (/var/mobile/Library/SMS/sms.db) to my computer. If I start SQLite Database Browser on the computer and load sms.db file, no data is displayed. If I run an SQL...
  18. TimeTraveler7

    Control Center icons sometimes mixed up

    I use FlipControlCenter and FlipLaunch tweaks to rearrange shortcuts in iPhone's control center, as well as add shortcut buttons to apps of my choice. Sometimes the icons/switches (on both "shelves") get messed up -- e.g. an empty space where an icon should be, or a repeated icon from another...
  19. TimeTraveler7

    Different beeps for SMS and iMessages

    Is there any tweak available which would enable setting different sounds for incoming text based on whether they arrived via iMessages or via SMS services?
  20. TimeTraveler7

    Any known memory leaks?

    Are there any known memory leaks for either "official" iOS apps or some Cydia tweaks? I've noticed that in the last 12 hrs. my iPhone 4S has had a growing "Memory / Used" value (as displayed in SystemTools app): around 75% last night, and around 80-90% right now. I did close all apps beforehand...