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    iPhone and iPad running iOS 5 gain more cellular bandwidth with iOS 5 features turned

    I can not get photos to go onto my computer everything worked great before I have IPhone 4S any suggestions how to fix this?
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    I just got passbook to go to iTunes Store by adjusting the date forward. Everyone talks about Walgreens going into passbook with no problem. When I send my rewards card to passbook it goes over ok but when I open passbook Walgreens displays my rewards card but I can not do anything else the...
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    IOS 6 MY PHOTO STREAM does not work in iphone 4s

    I have just started having this problem Photo Stream worked ok right after the update now I can not get it to work at all
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    Siri is more PowerFull in iOS 6 Complete Features list

    WOW Really!! I had no idea can hardly wait to try these out
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    Passbook still not working

    Just thought I would share how I got passbook to connect to the App Store. I was looking online for a fix and saw the standard change the date up a year well I tried that more then once and it did not work which is why I was looking for other suggestions. Someone stated that they changed the...
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    Did you have problems prior to today? I still can not even get to the store
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    Passbook does of work for most people at this time if you can get to the iTunes Store you are good if not then join the club
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    iOS 6 Bugs !! Report here..

    My passbook does not work either. I tried the fix that works for some where you change the date up 1 year but that did not work either. I tried rebooting and tried on and off WiFi. Hope Apple comes up with a fix. I did find that Walgreens would go in but when I opened passbook it was always...