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    iCloud Backup

    How long after an iPhone has been deactivated does you backup data remain in iCloud?
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    Credit card info update.

    I can't find where it allows me to update my credit card info for App Store and iTunes purchases.
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    Ringtone Downloads

    When I download a ringtone, where does it download to? Where do I find it? (iPhone 5, iOS 9.2)
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    Can you update directly from 9.0 to 9.0.2, skipping the 9.0.1 update?
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    Printing from iPhone5

    I know there are "iPhone-ready" printers, but I don't have one. Are there other ways to print directly from an iPhone? (My printer is an HP Photosmart.)
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    Camera Roll

    I want to rearrange the order of my pictures in Camera Roll. How do I do that?
  7. J

    Archive vs Trash

    It appeares that when I went to iOS 8 on my iPhone 5 I no longer "trashed" messages, but "archived" them. At least that's what I assumed. And sure enough, when I archived a message it would show up in the trash bin. Now however, since going to 8.1.2, when I trash a message it disappears...
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    Deleting Cookies

    Can you delete cookies on an iPhone 5 with 8.1.2? If so, how?
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    Favorites in Safari

    When saving frequently used site addresses in Safari, some seem to go into the "Favotites" category. I don't know how they got there. How do you move a saved site into Favorites?
  10. J

    Missing Contacts in Gmail

    When I click on Contacts for a phone call all my contacts are listed, in black, and with all the information. However, when I'm in Mail and click on the + sign to get a To: address, it takes me to Contacts, but 90% of them are grayed out. Same contacts are listed, but no information in the...
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    iOS8 and Data Usage

    I am a very low volume user and for many years have gotten by with 200 phone minutes and 3G of data. In 10 years I think I went over my data limit once. My usage habits haven't changed at all, but now, after updating to IOS8 I have gone over my limit every month. This is on an iPhone 5. Is...
  12. J

    iTunes Store App Won't Load

    When I tap the iTunes icon the screen flashes for a second then returns to the home screen. I've tried multiple times, tried a reset, and powered off/on. No luck. Since The system won't let me delete the app I'm not sure how to restore it. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. J

    All Songs Dupilcated on iPhone5

    I sync my phone to my computer, use manual syncing, and haven't changed any settings. I have both the latest version of iTunes and iOS. I don't even have an iCloud account. The last time I synced it put duplicates of all songs on my phone, and they really are duplicates as the listing in...
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    Not sure if this is the proper place to do this, but I would like to express my appreciation for the help I have recieved on this forum. While I'm not a technical neophyte, the people on this forum, especially the moderators and senior members, know more than I ever will about my phone and have...
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    iTunes Syncing

    I have always backed up to my PC laptop, syncing my iPhone4 or 5 to iTunes. I have never had a problem until now. When attempting to sync my 5 now I can't get the iTunes usual opening screen to come up. Before, I always got an opening screen that showed iTunes regognized my phone, notified me...
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    Personal Hotspot Problem

    I have the hotspot option thru AT&T on my 5, and never had a problem until yesterday. I connected to my laptop via USB and it recognized the phone, established an internet connection, and then dropped it. However, when I went back to my phone settings the Personal Hotspot option was missing. It...
  17. J

    Personal Hot Spot

    I quess I'm missing something basic, but here goes. I have the Personal Hot Spot option on my iPhone4 and iPhone5 and it works just fine on both. Whatever other devices I'm using at the time will recognize the iPhone as a WiFi source. My question is, why doesn't the phone itself recognize the...