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  1. fidlisskbarned

    OK. I'm absolutely hopeless.

    Sorry if it sounded like I was giving what for to Luke. I just meant that, in general, it is not a great idea to have a word scuffle on here. It gets nobody anywhere! :)
  2. fidlisskbarned

    iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 on iOS 5 untethered jailbreak ?

    Jmills87 is the most helpful member on here. Keep an eye on his posts and you will find you don't need to ask too many questions. I found this thread looking for the same answer. I've had many questions answered just by searching jmills posts
  3. fidlisskbarned

    OK. I'm absolutely hopeless.

    No use in getting mad at people on here. It's a community not a volunteer temp agency. Nobody helps foul mouthed jerks here or anywhere else. It's wise to treat others the way you want to be treated.
  4. fidlisskbarned

    Show Your Home Screens

    I love sbsetting (makeitmine) carrier customization. Satan is my service provider. \m/
  5. fidlisskbarned

    Is My iphone broken?

    You might want to check if you have the newest iTunes
  6. fidlisskbarned

    Is My iphone broken?

    Try putting in DFU mode and boot kick with redsnow or tinyumbrella. I had to use both to get my iPhone 4 out of boot loop when I downgraded to 4.3.3 after hating iOS 5. I boot kicked, fixed and DFU moded a dozen times before it finally worked. Redsnow was the last thing I used on it. Hope that...
  7. fidlisskbarned

    Unlocking an Iphone 4 IOS 5???

    Seems like unlockers are boned.(for now) :(
  8. fidlisskbarned

    Show Your Home Screens

    I'm really liking "deepend" with a really cool pick and no real "theme" also barrel on carousel and infinidock/folders.
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    Try uninstall and reinstall. Rinse and repeat...
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    I just installed a couple dialers on my iPhone 4 with the same 4.3.3 jb. They don't work sometimes if they aren't at the top of your winterboard list. Most of them aren't 4.x compatible but the 2 that liked ended up working. Retro dialer(4.x theme) & backlight dialer. Both are awesome. The...
  11. fidlisskbarned

    Siri has been Ported to the iPhone 4 - Still Needs Some Work

    If the Siri port is not being finished until the iOS 5 is untethered, why not just get the new 4S and have all the new fancy features and hardware upgrades too? That's what I'm planning when the new iOS is finally untethered. The new iOS isn't that great but a fully JB'd 4S is a mouthwatering...
  12. fidlisskbarned

    Best Jailbreak Apps For 2011 - Best Cydia Apps and Best Cydia Tweaks

    Infinidock/folder Barrel Activator Deepend Gridlock Just some of my favs. iPhone without JB is Pointless once you've seen what it can do!
  13. fidlisskbarned

    Is there any siri like cydia tweak

    Any news on their progress? I'm stoked for Siri on my I4.
  14. fidlisskbarned

    Unlocking an Iphone 4 IOS 5???

    I upgraded two days ago to iOS 5 and it only took me a couple hours to completely regret it. I managed to downgrade yesterday to 4.3.3. Using my iMac and redsnow/ pwnage I can't tell which one worked cuz it took 5 hours of trying the same thing over and over. Redmondpie has a great little...
  15. fidlisskbarned

    Welcome to the iPhone Forum! Please post an introduction thread.

    Hey everyone. I'm using an iPhone 4 with pwnage JB 4.3.3. Best thing to ever happen to iPhones was the JB. I dig these forums they are a huge help sometimes.