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    How on earth do I get semi-tethered ... i cannot figure it out for some reason

    what exactly do you mean, how do i add a source? edit: figured it out .. thanks
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    How on earth do I get semi-tethered ... i cannot figure it out for some reason

    Like the title says, jailbroke with redsnow on 5.0.1 and i'm trying to get the semi-tethered tweak. I searched in cydia and cannot find it. Can someone point me in the right direction here please. Thanks
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    Winterboard not working- iPhone4, teathered redsnow running 5.0

    well if winterboard was working fine for me, i wouldn't have made a thread explaining it doesn't would I. Sooo any suggestions for me to try to get it working?
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    Winterboard not working- iPhone4, teathered redsnow running 5.0

    Just finally updated to the 5.0 update and jailbroke again using redsnow teathered. Some of my apps dont seem to want to load, 1 being bitesms, and the most important being winterboard. I can open winterboard fine, but when i click on "select themes" it closes. I tried rebooting a few times to...
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    Themes not working

    i've had problems with battery themes, keyboard themes not loading, not sure if it has something to do with it being a CDMA phone somehow or not. Icon packs will work for a lot of icons, but not all, i believe it has to have a custom icon made for that specific app
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    Need help finding this app

    i think he was referring to the OP
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    MyWi or Pdanet

    i went with PDAnet just because i had it on my droid and it always worked flawlessly, just as it does on the iphone.
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    Need Help Fake Sim Card Given By Rebel

    well helllllllllo rebel sim ..... interesting choice in a username, it that because your product must be rammed and jammed to work in a device? :lmao
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    Retrieving Data from Phone - Sexual Exploitation of Disabled Woman - Very Urgent!

    you can try this in case she plugged it into itunes and let it backup ... do you know if it was plugged into itunes recently? Recovery Utility for Deleted iPhone Text Messages « The General Theory of RIAtivity in either case, my advice to you is to look up a professional in your area that can...
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    17+fun iPhone App Temptation Age lite for free

    where do you put a promo code in?
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    Posting pics to facebook!

    the facebook app doesnt work well for me ... i downloaded iloader ... much easier
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    Help please!

    The Iphone 4 has a bright a$$ flash, don't know what your talking about there. But from what you describe it honestly sounds like the ip4 would be a good fit for you. Apple designs their products to just WORK, and that they do. But for that ability you also loose quite a bit of customization...
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    Facebook photo upload problems

    solved the problem, thanks!
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    Facebook photo upload problems

    Hey guys, so i snapped a picture the other day and wanted to upload it to facebook, so i opened the facebook app and added the picture along with a caption and click upload. Witbout even tryyyying it immediately says My photo could not be uploaded at this time. I tried on both 3g and wifi with...
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    Any wifi tethering apps on cydia for vzw iphone

    just download PDA net, its free, simple, and just works. I used in on my droid and it's the first app i searched for after jailbreaking
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    Wired internet

    then bring a laptop next time
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    Iphone 4 Wi-Fi Router ?

    MiWi is not illegal, but it is against your contract to use it if verizon ever found out somehow. I actually use PDAnet, had it on my rooted droid for wifi hotspot and it works well for the iphone too
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    How to call contact from in sms message

    therrrrre we go, thank you!
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    How to call contact from in sms message

    i saw that, but in a long message session over a week that can be a lot of scrolling!
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    Custom SMS

    If you have a mac, download "iphone explorer" from the app market. You can make custom ringtones and sms tones and drop them right into the stock folders