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  1. CodeBr3ker

    iOS Security App

    What is the app that takes a picture of the person holding the iPhone, when he/she tried to unlock the device but failed twice, and then send the picture and the thiefs current location to you by email, called??
  2. CodeBr3ker

    Control Panel Tweak for iOS 8.4 Cydia?

    Does anyone know a Cydia tweak that works like a contro, panel for my iDevice, where you can chose to respring, restart, shut down etc? I remember you got such an app if you jailbroke your device on iOS 8-8.1 with Pangu, I miss it. If anyone knows such a tweak, please provide name and source...
  3. CodeBr3ker

    Updating iOS + Jailbreaking (Is it possible)

    Hey So I will be getting a iPad Mini 2 Retina 32 GB WiFi this summer, and I was thinking about jailbreaking it. It comes with iOS 7.2.1 pre installed if I am not mistaking, but I now some apps are not compatible with iOS 7 and before, so my new plan is to install iOS 8.1 on it and then...