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    Battery drain

    Battery Capacity less than 80% is considered worn.That is probably why it drains faster. I don’t know how long you have owned the iphone but the X is 4 ½ yrs old, if the battery is orignal that is a long life. For example, my yr old battery is still at 100% but I am probably a relatively light...
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    I replaced battery and home button now it wont turn on

    Given that explanation, I can not imagine what occurred during the repair that caused the iphone to stop working. I would take it to a Cell Phone repair store to find if it is salvageable or not. Good luck.
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    I replaced battery and home button now it wont turn on

    I thought you said you reviewed what Scifan posted. It said the risks, noted the possibility of the failure you report. I have no knowledge of how to fix that once the iphone has identified that it was altered and would guess you needed the tool before the failure occurred.
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    I replaced battery and home button now it wont turn on

    As Scifan told you “The home button is paired with the Touch ID chip on the logic board. If you replace only the home button and don’t have the special tool used to pair it with the Touch ID chip the home button will not work.”
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    I replaced battery and home button now it wont turn on

    Scifan gave you the answer in post #3
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    battery doesn't last

    My iphone has been off a charge for about 23 hours, with minimal use, battery says 90%.
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    Seriously contemplating going back to Android.
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    iPhone 13 pro max battery draining

    And what apps were showing use that would be connected tomthe battery draining?
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    So basically your research skills let you down or you chose poorly.
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    Move MP3s to iPhone

    Google shows several options, I am not familiar enough with Linux to know which is the best method but you might find your answer there.
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    How do I set up the feed?

    I have several news apps that curate for me based on my interest, like Flipboard and Apple News. I had to go into the apps to indicate my interests. Also, I have certain news groups I chose set up as widgets so I can get a quick view.
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    The difference is the software it takes to operate your iphone and apps is being used. The is similar to how computers are sold and is not a swindle. The same is true of Android phones. You chose which model and pricing you purchased. Other options might have been a better choice for you but...
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    Why serial check site calls my iPhone 11 a china mainland ?

    Apple uses the phrase Designed in the US because the manufacturing starts in Mainland China. Looks like yours is a model for the EU community. Pretty sure all are manufactured unlocked and then the lock is added per vendor-meaning carrier choice. It shouldn’t matter, imo.
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    Gray line appears when entering psswrd/user name

    Do you use Keychain or auto-fill?
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    Unknown icon

    It also looks zoomed. Double tap the screen to make it normal size
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    iPhone SE (3)

    It’s a toggle in Settings. You don’t need permission to use it.
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    iPhone SE (3)

    As you were asked by J.A,, are you using iCloud to upload your photos? If you are, this allows access on all devices.
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    No ring when unknown caller rings

    After changing settings it sometimes is helpful to reboot the phone
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    Go into Settings>General>Keyboard and set up your keyboard to do the things you want. In this instance, make sure Auto Capitalization is toggled on. Apple also has online guides that explain all this. Download the Users Guide from Apple.