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    Should I update 4.2.1?

    My iphone 4 is 4.1(8B117) and I jailbroken it with greenpoison, Im planning to upgrade it with iTunes to 4.2, is 4.2 in iTunes desame as the 4.2.1 that I always see in forums? Where can i get 4.2.1? should I update to 4.2 first before updating 4.2.1? What should I do? please help me. thank you:D
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    Bluetooth application

    Is there a working bluetooth application for iOS 4.1 that can transfer files from different phones. Example; Photos from iPhone to Nokia Phones. Helpppp me pleaseeeeee! iBlueNova and iBluetooth doesnt work. T_________T
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    Facetime help!!

    I just bought an iphone here in saudi arabia in mobily carrier, I just notice now that they blocked the facetime in that carrier. I bought mine without options of facetime. I bought mine in 4.1, is it still posible to have facetime in my case? Is there a app in cydia that can activate facetime...
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    Facetime question

    Why can't i see my facetime option in the Settings>Phone ? No facetime in my iPhone 4? :O
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    Just got an iPhone4

    I just bought a new iPhone last week, Black,16GB,iOS 4.1. Any suggestions if I should update to 4.2.1, or should I jailbreak it now with 4.1? Can you suggest me a good jailbreaking program? Thanks :D
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    iPhone 4 question

    Heyy! I just wanna ask, coz my uncle is buying me an iPhone 4 in states, and Im probably getting it on december, I just wanna know about know about the basebands? or How will I know if I can unlock it? And I read some comments, there are many problems in unlocking the iPhone 4, example like...
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    iPhone 4 in states question

    My friend is buying me an iphone 4 in states, He said that he is buying me the 16GB worth of 650$, he said that iPhone 4 16GB worth of 650$ is still locked, is that true? or he just don't know if its lock or unlock, He's planning to buy me one and unlock it in the philippines, Because we will...
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    IPhone 4 Question! Please Heeeeeelp me!!

    My uncle is planning to buy me a iPhone 4 in states with contract of AT&T, because its more cheaper. Then, I heard some of my friends in the philippines, they can unlock the iPhone4 in the malls, Is it possible to unlock the iPhone4 and use it anywhere in the world Basic Question: Is there...