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    Does iCloud let you store ALL your photos/vid/docs/etc? Do they stay?

    I do not yet have an iPhone, and nor Lion. (I plan to install Lion this weekend) So I do not know anything other then what I read about iCloud and it is not clear to me. If I at some point receive the iPhone 4s that I ordered and I go out shooting lots of pictures/vids will they all...
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    SquareTrade vs AppleCare+ ?

    Looks like the price of both plans is the same right now, and both have $50 deductible on damage. Apple Care limites you to two claims, Square Trade has no limit. Both let you bring into a local Apple Store (ST will reimburse you), and so on. What am I missing? Seems like both plans are nearly...
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    Google Calendar/Contacts Questions

    Along these lines, if I add a meeting/etc to my (yet to receive) iPhone's calendar, will it push it to Google Calendar? Same with contacts? Thanks!
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    Greetings! I come in peace!

    HI, I used to hang out and post pretty frequently on another property our admin owns called but I have now been converted so I am here now! Followed the link form that sites front page actually. :) My Nexus One, while still a great phone has had a hardware failure, so I...