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    Post all Iphone5 & Iso6 issues here..

    I see a lot of people been having so many issues about the iso6, Jailbreak & the iPhone 5.. I wanted to hear all the issues so far I hear about the data going fast & lte is actually like 3G speed & Ect Ect.. What issues are you having?
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    Iso 6 update

    I have the iPhone 4 JB, if I upgrade to iso6, I'll lose my JB correct? Also if I do upgrade it will I even get Siri or anything? If not then I'm guessing the iso6 is more for iPhone 4s & iPhone 5... How long should it be for a JB to iso6?
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    Is there a jb for Iso 6?

    If I upgrade to iso 6 on my iPhone 4, will I lose my jailbreak? Or is there a jail break for the 6.0 iso or will it be a while before its out? I'm wondering so I'll know what to do to keep my jailbreak
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    Iphone 5 glitches/issues?

    All the problems or issues you end up finding or have with your iPhone 5, tell us about it.. I'm sure it's gonna be a few things theyll need to fix .
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    Is the iphone 5 worth it?

    Onestly.. Do you people think the iPhone 5 could of been better or do you think it's everything you expected? I know some must not like it & some do.. What's your disappointment? I think I was hoping for more than just a bigger screen & metal added to it. I hear it's like the 4s just a couple...
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    Jailbreaking iphone 5?

    How long will we have to wait for a jail break for the iPhone 5/iOS 6? Cause I'm gonna get the iPhone 5, but I want my phone Jail broken or should I not Jail break it? What do you guys think & what will you guys end up doing?
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    Need help

    I did everything told to do with the new jail break. And when I backed up everything & then restored I lost all my pics & some apps ... Anyone know how I can get everything back ?
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    Hey iphone unlocking

    I was wondering my brother has a iPhone 4s that's for sprint but he wants to unlock it for AT&T how can I do that ?
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    My name is Messiah, my co-worker told me about this forum hopefully I'll start to use & read thru this daily & find out new things I never knew & maybe jail break my phone again.