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    VLC Now Out For iPhone

    got it. disconnected and synced again and it worked. works good.
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    VLC Now Out For iPhone

    not working for me. it shows up on itunes under file sharing but when i try and drag an avi file to vlc it doesnt go in. i tried several different files. any suggestions?
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    Easy way to get ringtones????
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    Wifi issues with video

    This seems to be awidespread issue with the iphone4 and wifi. just do a google search for slow wifi on iphone4 and you will see what i mean. Like someone said above i changed my dns settings but i am using the google settings (, and this did seem to help quite a bit as well as...
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    Otter box case

    I picked up the blue one from best buy yesterday. so far i like it but will take some getting used to size wise.
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    Apple Announces iOS 4.1

    thanks that is what i thought. I will wait to do mine but i will go ahead and update the wifes so i can see how it is.
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    Apple Announces iOS 4.1

    so how does this effect jailbroken phones? I assume that if yours is jailbroken you wont be able to update because you will lose your jailbreak?