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    Rock was SO much better then cydia:-(

    I liked how everything was organized in Rock so much more then in Cydia. Especially how you could search through everything w the highest rated and most used themes/add ons, and cant in Cydia. Lame.
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    app to add/remove apckages directly from WB?

    I came across this in Cydia or Rock and cant remember the name of it but, it was a program where you could add or remove installed packages directly in winterboard instead of going into Cydia or Rock to do so...anyone know what Im talking about? Thanks!
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    Un-jailbreaking my phone...

    Im tired of the insanely decreased battery life and the glitches it causes. My main concern is should I do a complete restore to try and get it back to 100% or just update and restore it from last time it was synced? Thanks!
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    phone and battery life diminished w jb?

    seems like since I jailbroke my phone the phone isnt as fast or have as smooth of transitions between things as it was when I got it, and also seems like the battery life drains much much faster! and Im only running a few things in winterboard so I dont get it...
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    is there a way to change the look of only the apps?

    K well I wanna keep my phone looking the way it is and my wallpaper but I just wanna change the way the apps look, like as far as shape, is there a way to do this or a theme for it? thanks!
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    what does choosing saurik in winterboard do to the phone? and on another note, I hate how so many things dont work for ios4 yet in winterboard! aahhh lol
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    just jailbroke my phone, now it wont exit safe mode!

    help, I installed rock and winterboard, installed a theme for winterboard and went to choose it and it says that it has crashed and now I cant get out of safe mode...
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    shsh blob question...

    Ok, so I downloaded tinyumbrella, and it took me to rapidshare file sharing site, it saved to my comp but when I went to open the file it says my comp cannot recognize the file? Can anyone give me a step by step tutorial on saving my shsh blobs, and then downgrading from 4.1 to 4.0 or lower? If...
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    can 4.0.1 be jailbroken?

    wish I would have known not to do the update:-/ and dying to have mine jailbroken, its just not the same when its stock! lol thanks.