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    Please Post GameCenter Friend Request Here

    if you have prevously added me or want to add please send request: gav1b after some iphone 'issues' ihave lost all my friends in game center!!!
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    voice activator

    anyone know how to 'enter text' in an sms via speech? im under the impression this is possible via voice activator but cannot work it out. cheers
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    Under 1 minute game.

    sex with the mrs!!! oops you mean on iphone!!! sorry!!!
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    Syncing problem with itune

    there is a program to restore apps that are downloaded through cydia. mine do restore after installing appsync method i use is itunes restore, dont set up the phone or restore from backup, jailbreak, install appsync then restore from backup/sync with itunes. seems to work for me and all my...
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    iphone4 stopped working, only dfu mode or plug into itunes mode

    after editing host file you must reboot, also make sure you have edited the host file!!! if your not saving as 'all files' or are not in admin mode it wont edit it!! easiest way to check, edit it, save, reboot, check it is still edited!!! if you take it to apple they can reboot the phone for...
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    Noob with an iphone 4 IOS 4.2.1 & a PC - where do I start?

    if you restore with itunes and then jailbreak and install appsync before restoring from backup it keeps all your apps on the phone. it will not keep them in the folders tho ifyou have created them. im not sure about how the new j/b will work but the above has been my experience over the last few...
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    iphone4 stopped working, only dfu mode or plug into itunes mode

    have a look at my reply this morning in the hacking section. or google how to edit your hosts file. that should get rid of error 1013. tiny umbrella wont kick the phone out of recovery. assuming your on mac this might help How to edit the hosts file in Mac OS X – Leopard if on windows...
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    whats the worst thing that could happen?

    it was a real nightmare!!! i was worried i had killed the phone after less that 2 weeks of ownership!!! i wish they would get on with the untethered j/b (i know its not that simple) i darent install anything whist away from my pc!!
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    whats the worst thing that could happen?

    no it didnt, but i have found a solution, it was a confusing one and i went back to apple again(they didnt do anything the second time) see solution below after a bit of research i realised youre right and the iphone was in perfect working order. i did the following, im on win 7 pc. locate...
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    whats the worst thing that could happen?

    ive bricked mine, its stuck in a 'connect to itunes' loop. nothing i have tried is working so its off to the iphone store. i will let you know what happens, mebbe they will sort it. im not sure if they will be able to tell it was j/b'd i hope not. previously i have taken in j/b'd phones because...
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    Jailbroken iPhone 4 vs jailbroken Droid Incredible

    1, yes its in cydia and probably elsewhere but ive never done this 2, pretty sure there are apps to do this, i know theres one you can use for ipod, its never bothered me as i turn off the 'show text' switch as there could be some very racy texts from the mrs on there!! i only list to ipod in...
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    linux + redsnow

    oh and ive just had an after thought, maybe there would be a way to make a pendrive that can boot the phone without having to do anything, it'd have to be configured. you know so you can just plug the phone into it and off it goes?? or is that just plain silly?
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    linux + redsnow

    is there a linux version? if so where? it needs to be the latest to jb iphone 4 on 4.2.1 cheers fellas p.s im gonna try and create a pendrive version of linux just to run redsnow and to boot tethered, i'm sure theres loads of people out there who have access to a computer through the day...
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    itunes very annoying

    probably could have done, i just thought itunes would have some way of knowing that it was the correct library!! it would help others if they decided to move thier itunes folder so it doesnt clog up the drive they have thier operating system on. would it still pick up that its the correct...
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    iphone 4 airtime plans

    thats still a fairly good deal!!! even with initial cost!!
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    itunes very annoying

    ive relocated my itunes folder to a different drive so it wont be affected by a crash etc, now when i plugged my iphone in to sync it wiped it, saying that its synced with a different library!!! its the same one just on a different drive. i would have thought whatever itunes uses to identify...
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    Just a thought ......

    if you got a tutorial/how to with versions and links that would be much appreciated, also a spec list for the pc!! also would it require a new install of windows or can you just 'nudge' it in like you can with some linux versions, ive got dual boot win7/mythbuntu could i add to this?
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    ive just been experimenting with ibooks and came acreoss this 'book server' for the pc(and others) calibre - E-book management its free and very good, you just log into it from the iphone, click on a book and it downloads to ibooks!!! you have to source your ebooks and convert them into epub...
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    iphone 4 airtime plans

    thats good, approx £35, was it a free handset/iphone?
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    iphone 4 airtime plans

    just been on the apple site and was amazed at how expensive us contracts seem to be compared with our uk ones, comparing data, sms and call time and also taking into account handset initial cost!! im on the 3 one plan, 5000 texts (unlimited) 2000 minutes(unlimited) and all you can eat data for...