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    Iphone 4s or iphone 5

    I'm finally getting a new iphone but not sure which is the better one to buy. I currently have the 3GS
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    Ios 6.1 error

    I just finished updating my iphone to the ios 6.1 and have noticed the iTunes Store shows 3 apps ready for updating but when I selected the apple icon and selected upgrades it doesn't show which apps need upgrading or anything. I've reset the phone and still the same problem.
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    Data connection lost

    Has anyone else had this problem using their iphone on t-mobiles service. Everything is working but I keep losing data connection. Is there a solution to this problem or is it just due to the 2g aka edge
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    Bluetooth Headsets

    Which is the best Bluetooth headset for the iPhone 3GS
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    Should I jailbreak

    I have an AT&T IPhone 3GS iOS 5.0.1 with a bb of 5.16.05. I'm using it as a gophone which the data package is so expensive 500mb for 25.00 and I use my phone just like a computer and I have no access to wifi service where I live my question is should I even think of jailbreaking it or just leave...
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    Have seen a site called jailbreakme where you can jailbreak your iPhone directly without the use of a computer but my phone isn't cap it says does anyone know if or when a version is going to be released for ios 5.0.1
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    Unlocking my iphone 3gs

    Help. I have an AT&T iPhone 3GS which is not jail broken or anything. I don't have access to a computer to download any of the software to jailbreak my phone. I am using it on the gophone prepaid plan which is good but the data plans are expensive since I use it all the time. I know other...
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    Unlocking Iphone 3gs

    I'm new at this so please bare with me. I have an AT&T IPhone 3GS which I am using on their gophone plan. I want to use it on T-mobiles prepay but it's not unlocked or jail broken. I don't have a computer or access to a pc so I'm want to know is there a way I can unlock my phone without using a...
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    Accessory not compatible

    I'm using the USB sync/charging cable that came with my iPhone and it always worked until lately now I get an error message everything I plug it in to the phone saying its not compatible with my phone. My phone is an 3GS using 5.0.1
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    Iphone 3GS vs HTC EVO

    Had an HTC EVO from Sprint which I loved the HTC sense but hated the carrier. Sprint dropped my service saying I was roaming to much. I switched to AT&T and bought my first iPhone and all I can say is. I LOVE MY IPHONE😍. This is what I expect from a phone. Now I'm going to buy my first iPad
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    Prepaid iphone

    Is there any prove to the rumors that apple is going to release a prepaid iphone?
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    3g signal

    My iPhone 3GS network keeps switching from 3G to E. When I take out my sims cards and replace it it works for a little while then it's back to E
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    Ghost Harvest

    I just updated the game now it will not work. Has anyone else had this problem