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    transfering video to other iPhone

    Mickey330 & konlao--thank you for your input. I am feeling confident that i can set up a better video sharing plan now.
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    transfering video to other iPhone

    Skull One, But doesn't Drop Box work for devices on same network only? Would I be able to create a new 'sharing' apple account that my kids & I can log on to and share that way?
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    transfering video to other iPhone

    Daughter has iPhone 4, as do I, but on completely different plans & networks. Currently we have been sharing videos via messaging, but the quality, of course, stinks when viewed on computer. How would I upload a video to iCloud and how could she access it?
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    Newest member

    Hey Guys & Gals--have had iphone since Verizon made it available (I was in the 300's in the pre-order list) I use iphone for pleasure, since I'm retired but I want to max. it's functionality. Looking for ways to carry secure info, but still easy to access. BTW-it's windows for me, not that I...