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    Stay away from sprint

    As someone who has had everyone. It all depends on the area you live in. Sprint is great in the south and big cities. T-mobile isn't bad in big cities. AT&T just has call quality problems that I could never get over. Verizon is great if you can get their service. There are still some spots...
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    Videos from iphone 6 to pc

    Plug it into the computer with your cable. You can then browse the contents like a flash drive. If the video is small enough you could email it to your self. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Need help transfering contacts photos music

    The way I would do it for the contacts is turn on contact storage in your iCloud account. From there your contacts will back themselves up and auto download on the new phone. For photos / music. You can literally plug the one phone into a computer. Turn on browse hidden system files and copy the...
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    Need help transfering contacts photos music

    Do you still have the old phone?
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    Need help transfering contacts photos music

    How are you storing your contacts?
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    Google map app

    It is a good question. I used to use google maps exclusively. Now it doesn't exist on my phone. There was an update to the app that basically made it so it would never find my location anymore. But apples maps did and I now use it all the time without fail.
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    Facebook app

    I am not a big Facebook user. I mostly get on once the wife says did you see what I posted. I think it is because I hate the app more than anything else. Does anyone know of a Facebook app that can give me my timeline in an order and count what I haven't read? Basically for those who use...
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    Apple Maps vs Google Maps [poll]

    I quit using Google because it couldn't locate me to save my life. I live in a bigger city and the past six months I haven't used anything but Apple maps. It hasn't failed me yet. The only annoying thing I find is some apps still have hard links to google. But most of the time I can copy and...
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    iPhone 6 battery life

    I don't think there is a phone that exists today that will let you play games all day and survive. My phone will last probably 6-7 hours with me watching Hulu and playing various games while on wifi. Now if I am not playing games or watching videos my iPhone 6 can last two days. I turn my...
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    Apple Pay on iPhone 6/6+ & iOS8.1

    Here is the problem. I don't make enough disposable income to avoid Walmart. Something's I buy there simply because it doesn't make enough sense not to. But I use Apple pay at Meijer and whole foods where I do most of my shopping. Until we can remove Walmart and not take the big hit in the...
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    Poor cellular and WiFi signal?

    Both my wife's and my iPhone 6 lose wifi signal to the point I have to power cycle the phones. If I go an extended period of time without lte it will make me power cycle the phone to get lte back. I am hoping 8.1.1 fixes it.
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    My home network question

    Does it say connected but doesn't use the connection? Because that is an ios8 bug they supposedly fixed in 8.0.2
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    Anyone currently running a special to get an iPhone 6?

    Ask best buy. I got 125 each for our 4s
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    Home button double tap

    Before 8.0.2 mine did this. Now it is fine.
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    Anybody tried their 3rd party charging cables

    I use Amazon with a belkin 2a charger and my 6 charges faster.
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    What is the Best Brand for iPhone 6 Case?

    I just bought a speck case. As I am not careful with my phones these have saved me from replacing them.
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    Best iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    If you have Verizon. They sell a tempered glass screen protector and will put it on for you.
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    iPhone 4S Sim Card Help

    Lte phones have SIM cards. 3G uses cdma non cards. I don't think you can do what you are trying without calling support.
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    Cellular prompts.

    I had a 4s. Now I have a 6. I have cellular data turned off for several apps to minimize data usage. But even when connected to my home wifi the phone asks me to enable wifi for said apps. YouTube Hulu and I heart are some examples. It didn't do this on my 4s. Is this a bug or a new feature...