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    Character Count

    Thanks so much. I used to use BlackBerry Messenger, and this sounds like the equivalent. dwip4 - iPhone using
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    Character Count

    Could it be that there isn't a char limit for iMessages like it could be outside iPhone to iPhone messages? dwip4 - iPhone using
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    Character Count

    Yes, the option is on. I see it for some I send to, but not for others. dwip4 - iPhone using
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    Character Count

    I'm not seeing the character count anymore in some of my messages. The User Guide states you won't see it if you use a subject or send video/pics, etc. I've done either. In fact I opened a new message and don't see it for two of the five mobile numbers I tried. Does anyone know why this is...
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    Nobody can hear me

    Sorry, maybe it can be fixed without having to buy a new one ... dwip4 - iPhone using
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    Nobody can hear me

    Did you check your prox sensor? To test it make a call and while not on speaker slowly move your hand over the top portion of the phone (above screen). If the screen goes blank if is working OK. If it does not blank the screen the. You are probably hitting the mute while it is near your ear...
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    iphone compatability with Outlook???

    Agree. Outlook syncing via iTunes is easy. I sync my calendar, contacts, and notes. Don't have to sync email. It doesn't sync tasks, but I heard that's coming. Also nice feature that it syncs bookmarks with IE. Had a BB for two years and only had my iPhone for a month. Everything works now...
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    iPhone 4 in-call trick!

    My wife had the same problem with her white iPhone with two different cases. The sensor worked fine outside the case. We removed the plastic piece from the inside of the Otter box case and it works great now.
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    Bluetooth Discovery Issues

    I have the same type of question. I believe I paired and connected a Plantronics 975 to an iPhone 4 although it did not ask me to enter the device code when it paired it. However, when I go into Settings / General / Bluetooth the circle next to Devices is continually spinning. Is this normal?