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    TinyUmbrella won't detect my iphone 4 in DFU mode

    Hi everyone, some days ago I downloaded a file on cydia. Since then my iphone 4 has been stuck on the apple logo. My FW is 4.1 and my baseband is 01.59.00, and i rely on JB and unlock ;). So i decided to restore my phone, but tinyumbrella does not detect my device when it is in DFU mode. It...
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    Can the car radio play music lists via USB?

    Hi everyone, I really like connecting my iphone to my car radio with the USB cable, then Im able to skip to the next track clicking on the radio. BUT everytime I connect the iphone I cannot access it anymore, so the iphone plays the same song every time at the beginning and I cannot switch...
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    How can I display the time when I took my pictures?

    Well yeah the title says pretty much everything, I kind of want to categorize my pictures and see when I took what picture. How can I do that ?
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    Which cases might scratch the backside of my iphone?

    Hi everybody, I just read that Apple announced that there is a problem with some hard shell cases which cover the back of the phone. They might scratch the backside, so they are not selling them anymore. But what cases are "dangerous"? I've got the Speck fitted, and Im really liking it, but if...
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    Jailbreaking + unlocking iphone 4 4.0.2 now possible or not?

    Hi everyone, in another thread someone asked whether an iphone 4 running 4.0.2 and baseband 01.59.00 could be unlocked but the thread was closed. I hope Im not getting anybody mad by starting this thread, but there is no information on this exact situation in the " jailbreak+unlock 4.1"...
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    upcoming pwnage tool Mac only?

    Hello, since the dev team told those of us who are going to unlock our iphone 4 (FW4.1) to wait until they release the pwnage tool I've been waiting for it. They said that it would ensure a firmware upgrade without changing basebands. But i just googled it and it sometimes said "for mac only"...
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    Upgrade Iphone 4 FW 4.0.2 to 4.1 PRESERVING baseband?

    Hello everyone, I couldnt find any thread concerning this question so here we go: Is it possible to upgrade my iphone 4, which is currently on 4.0.2, and keep my baseband 01.59.00? If yes, how can i do it :confused: Also, if yes, shouldnt I be able to unlock my iphone since I have a...