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    Ham Radio Listening App

    Many years ago I had a Ham Radio Receiver that brought me many interesting hours of listening in! Is there a free and simple app for the Iphone that will perform this function? Thanks LT
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    Bluetooth Issues with Iphone4S

    Thanks to everyone for you comments! My Bluetooth in my auto is in a 2011 Lexus, so there should be no issues there! I am content to have the phone paired to my bluetooth in the car, however I have a Bose Headset, those of you who are familiar with it know that it's no cheap! I just can't get...
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    Bluetooth Issues with Iphone4S

    No, I have not tried to use both Bloethtooth Devices at the same time. However, when both are paired successfully the Bose Headset works and Bluetooth Audio is then rendered inactive. To correct this problem I have to delete both devices and simply pair the connection in my vehicle again. I...
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    Bluetooth Issues with Iphone4S

    I am a new owner of an Iphone4S. I have successfully paired my phoned to the Bluetooth Audio in my car. However, I attempted to pair a second Bluetooth Device, a Bose Bluetooth Headset. This pairing also was successful, but then my bluetooth in the auto was disabled. I went through this...