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    Problem pairing a Jawbone with iphone

    I have not been able to pair my recently acquired iphone 3Gs with my Jawbone. When I turn on bluetooth it searches for the Jawbone but does not find it. I have successfully paired the Jawbone with a Motorola phone, but as I remember, I had to call Motorola to get a code. In this case, Apple...
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    Where is the tutorial for unlocking?

    Where is the tutorial for unlocking an iphone? Also, does anyone have experience unlocking a U.S. iphone 3Gs and using it in Thailand? Will it work with a Thai SIMM card? 3Gs 16GB ios 4.3.5
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    new member wants to unlock iphone for use in Asia

    Hi, I resisted owning a smart phone for a long time. Recently, however, a friend gave me her old 16GB iphone 3Gs and I am hooked. I would like to unlock the phone for use in Southeast Asia. Over there all iphones are sold factory unlocked. Users pay for phone minutes and data is free...
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    Unlock American iphone 3Gs for use in Asia?

    I am interested in unlocking my 16GB iphone 3Gs for use in Southeast Asia. Over there all phones are sold factory unlocked. Data is free and users only pay for phone minutes. If I do this will it affect my phone's functionality in the U.S.? Will my U.S. iphone work with local SIMM cards...
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    Cannot pair iphone 3gs w/ jawbone

    I cannot pair my iphone 3Gs with my jawbone. When I turn bluetooth on it searches but never finds the jawbone. I have successfully paired the jawbone to another phone and its battery is fully charged. Any ideas? When I paired the jawbone to my other AT&T phone, I had to call AT&T support...