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    Disabling GPS

    That seems impossible, being able to monitor audio through the phone's microphone while it's off. The power is off to the phone, which means no power to the microphone. Same principle with the GPS. How is this possible?
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    I need the weather code for 29150

    Go to this URL: United States of America / Weather Location Codes/IDs Then search within there for Sumter.
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    Gridlock 2.0

    Where'd you get that wallpaper from? I'd love to grab it!
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    calendar on LS?

    You can download LockInfo or IntelliscreenX (both are paid apps) from Cydia. They will bring the notification center to the lockscreen among other things. They're the only tweaks I know of that bring the calendar to the lockscreen. Hope this helps!
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    You can create a menu using activator and then assign whatever trigger you would like.
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    Wheres my storage gone?

    Unfortunately the only thing I know of other than the jailbreaking option mentioned is to backup your phone and do a clean restore on it, then put your settings back on.
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    iPhone 3G downgrade?

    It is quite possible as the firmware for the iPhone 3G isn't signed, so the process is infinitely easier. I did this when I had a 3G for a short time. Here's the link to download version 3.1.3...
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    Cant Restore Iphone 4 Error -1

    I'm not sure if the 3GS was jailbroken or not. I'm thinking it was an unlock attempt that went awry and fried the chip, so it's quite possible that it was jailbroken previously. The -1 error didn't give me the this device isn't eligible for the requested build error, just that it was an error...
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    Cant Restore Iphone 4 Error -1

    I had this happen on a 3GS I bought over craigslist. Turned out to be a fried baseband chip. I was able to flash it using a cooked IPSW with no baseband, but it didn't work. You don't have many options here. You can try a cooked IPSW with Sn0wbreeze and see if that helps.
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    New guy here!

    Hey all, I'm Patrick, and new to these forums. I've had iDevices in the past (iPhone 3GS and an iPod 3G). Just got an iPhone 4 from VZW running iOS 6. Glad to have found these forums! Hope to be interacting soon! Blessings!