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    New to tethered JB

    Ok so I've jailbroke many times before, but always untethered. My question is If I do a tethered jailbreak and download something from cydia that needs to residing or reboot, I need to plug in phone to do it? Please help cause I'm on windows and have been accidentally updated to 4.2.1. iPhone no...
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    Remove icon dock

    Does anyone know how to remove the I on dock from the springboard without using sbsimplify? I tried sbsimplify last night and it crashed my phone. I am on iphone4 ios4.1 jailbroken with limerain. Thanks for any help you can give!!
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    Any app for USB to car radio?

    I have a Hyundai that has USB in it and they sell a special USB cable for it, but I'm wondering if there's any way around that. You know to use the USB cable I already have.
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    App to lockscreen?

    Is there any wY to turn an app into a lockscreen. I would really love to make living earth HD into my lockscreen. I think it would look great!!!
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    App store problems

    I have iPhone4 4.1 JB with limerain. I recently changed my icons and just noticed this morning that I can't dl any apps from the app store. I go to dl and type in my password and nothing. It looks like it's going to work, putts me back to springboard but nothing happens. Any ideas?
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    HELP!! WinSCP file editor not working!

    i'm not sure why, but my file editor in winSCP doesn't work. when i open a file it is all garbled, i try to edit it, but nothing happens. Can anyone help me please!!
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    Hi all, i am new to the forum and fairly new to jailbreaking. i have an iphone4 ios 4.1 jailbroken with limerain. i have jailbroken my 2G ipod touch before and done some tweaking and modding to it, but am fairly new at this. i am interested in learning how to make my own themes etc... so any...
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    changing icons for categories folders?

    Hi all, i'm pretty new her, and have a little bit of experience with JB. I have seen some really cool themes out there and i want to kinda make my own. What i want to know is can you change the icons on the categories folders to whatever you want. If so could you please point me in the right...