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    Can't text my wife but can text my daughter

    I have a 5s, my wife has a 5c and my daughter has a 5s. I cannot text my wife and she can't text me but we can both send and receive texts from our daughter(we can all send and receive texts form other people). We are all on the same Verizon plan, what is happening?
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    Interesting Touch-ID problem...

    Yesterday I took out my phone, hit the home button and left my thumb there to unlock it. It didn't work. Tried again, no go... tried other fingers, nothing. I've read about person after person having their Touch-ID slowly stop working on them and having to reprogram their fingers after as...
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    Auto Reboot

    Is there an App (or a way) to auto reboot my phone on a schedule? I rarely remember to turn the phone off and usually only do it when it starts acting up so I'd like to just have it done weekly automatically. Thanks.
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    New apps download to my phone automatically

    At home we have 2 iPod touches, an iPad and my iPhone. We use all that on MY iTunes account so I can keep track of all purchases. My daughters are constantly downloading new apps to an iPod and the iPad and ALL those apps download to my iPhone automatically. I believe that is the reason that...
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    iStethescope now missing

    I had the app on my phone but it wasn't working. I deleted it with the thought that I had a bad download and would just redownload a good copy. Well, the free app is gone. where sis it go?!? Does this happen with other apps frequently?
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    Purchased Apps

    I have purchased apps with my ipod, iphone and ipad... how do I get them on another device from the app store without having to purchase them again? Can it only be done through iTunes?
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    "Searching" for Verizon signal

    Just picked up my iPhone 4s and it can't get a signal. When Verizon activated it there was a signal but something happened and it's gone. any tips or tricks to get things going? thanks.
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    Wireless sync

    This is a two part question. First, can I sync with iTunes without hooking up to the computer? Second, do I need to sync with iTunes? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi all. I'm new to the forum, getting my 4s tomorrow. I'm from Marshfield,MA and have been a Mac guy for almost 10 years. When the iPhone first came out I wanted one but we were with Verizon Wireless so no go. Last year I got my first smart phone - a dumb Blackberry - and 33 days later the...