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    Can't text my wife but can text my daughter

    No, not email... texting/iMessage. The problem seems to be fixed between my wife and me. It was either her email being selected as "Start New Conversations From" or the other "contact" in my phone that I got rid of (the conversation that is). There is only one contact for my wife in my phone...
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    Can't text my wife but can text my daughter

    Well, a funny thing happened when I got hold of my wifes phone last night. I thought it would be a good idea to delete our ongoing texts and start fresh. When I deleted her messages and started to put her name in to start a new line of texts her name popped up with some texts already sent and...
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    Can't text my wife but can text my daughter

    Well, I went into my phone and had an awful time trying to figure out what you meant by the "You can be reached at" section and the "Start New Conversations From" section as I didn't see them in my phone settings. I fugured "what the heck" and toggled iMessage off and onn again and both of...
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    Can't text my wife but can text my daughter

    Nope, I checked (at least I checked mine)... It started a couple days ago right after I had to fix my wifes phone after the daughter changed some setting and she couldn't get email. I just can't figure out what else I need to go into and look at.
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    Can't text my wife but can text my daughter

    I have a 5s, my wife has a 5c and my daughter has a 5s. I cannot text my wife and she can't text me but we can both send and receive texts from our daughter(we can all send and receive texts form other people). We are all on the same Verizon plan, what is happening?
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    Has anyone's iPhone 6 plus bend yet?

    FWIW, if you're dumb enough to travel in a car for hours at a time with an iPhone 6 in your back pocket you deserve to have it bend. I'd bet my 5s would bend some if I drove around all the time with it in my back pocket. Common sense is a trait being lost fast these days...
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    iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Full Features Officially Unveiled

    Curious... Wi-Fi calling is a new feature for making high-quality calls when cell conditions are poor. Would this be iPhone to iPhone only (like current text over WiFi) or is it WiFi to any phone? Now THAT would be a GREAT feature! At home and at work I have crappy service so phone calls are...
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    Your very first Mobile/Cell phone

    DING! DING! DING! My first phone was a bag phone from Sam's Club in 1991 or 1992. It had an antenna that you stuck to the windshield with suction cups and plugged into the cigarrette lighter. I also bought an inverter at Radio Shack and put a cigarrette lighter adapter on it so I could use the...
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    Apple puzzed at how phone works under activation lock! Proof of Purchase submitted...

    Something I learned a looooong time ago from "The Brady Bunch"... caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. It unfortunately sounds like you are stuck in a situation where you didn't do your homework and have paid a lot of money for a glorified paperweight. "got a text from her saying that she...
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    Who's ready to upgrade to the iPhone6?

    4 foot 7 is one big ass screen... probably too big for my pocket :eek:
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    First time iPhone owner/user! Help!

    I have had that problem with username/password for the whole time I've been on an iPhone (2 1/2 years now - 4s and now 5s) until just recently with one of the updates. Now, when I enter a username/password on a site, I click "remember me" and a little window pops up asking me if I want my...
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    iPhone 5s maps help

    In WAZE I have "HOME" saved - every time I enter a location to navigate to it's saved automatically in the Nav screen. Type in your address to navigate to and rename it as "HOME" then scroll through your locations when you want to go home.
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    Interesting Touch-ID problem...

    I just may have to go have them check it out at the Apple store... I think I'll reprogram my 4 fingers 1 more time and see if I just didn't do a very good job the last time I did it. Thanks for the calming words and talking me off the ledge about being hacked!!
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    Interesting Touch-ID problem...

    Yeah, I did reprogram the 4 fingers as before... ID doesn't work every time like it did before but it's fixed. It was pretty eerie when it first happened though.
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    Interesting Touch-ID problem...

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    Interesting Touch-ID problem...

    Yesterday I took out my phone, hit the home button and left my thumb there to unlock it. It didn't work. Tried again, no go... tried other fingers, nothing. I've read about person after person having their Touch-ID slowly stop working on them and having to reprogram their fingers after as...
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    Sending photos via messaging

    Just tried it on my 5s and it worked fine...
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    Remote control

    I have Fios and there is an app for that...
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    New iphone 5s user here, got a question

    I'm curious... does this app have in-app purchases? Are you constantly having to enter your password because you are constantly buying something in the app?
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    Slaming by verizon wireless

    My wife notices this same thing all the time... she pays the bill and when the next bill comes it's twice what it should be. so she calls Verizon and the balance is only one month like she thought. There aren't late charges and she pays the bill every month so she just deals with it (and by...