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  1. benz


    I have comcast - went on PC to comcast acct and deleted all emails in inbox hoping - but that didn't impact my iPhone mail box - unfortunately. I guess I need to get in habit of delete as I read Always nice hearing from you send. Thanks for participating!
  2. benz


    How do I delete 600 emails in my inbox - all at one time instead of individually?
  3. benz

    Unable to connect to iTunes?

    . Need to search in "App Store" for apps. If you enjoy music am I suggest the "Songza" app for free music. I like better than pandora
  4. benz

    Magic Jack does not ring.

    I downloaded MJ app - changed the MJ phone number they provided to my house phone number. Now when I'm in Wifi my iPhone 4S rings when my house phone rings. Also I can call out on MJ app for free minutes when I'm on Wifi. Great app
  5. benz

    How can I. Delete all my emails in IN box?

    How do I delete all the emails in my IN box?
  6. benz

    What do you think of iOS 6

    Free messaging. I understand. That with ios6 using face time i can send SMS using email address via WiFi with no texting charge (i don't like to pay)
  7. benz

    new iPhone user - former Android user

    I use WhatsApp Messanger - provides free messaging - really great app!
  8. benz

    Upside-down picture...

    Thanks wymi - grt tip . Boy do I lile this forum!
  9. benz

    Deleting Photo Albums

    Thanks bab2010 - been wanting to delete photo stream. This forum is super!
  10. benz

    Application Search: Sorting Text + Displaying Battery %

    😄Thanks, iMarilna - such simple little tips make the journey a joy!
  11. benz

    iphone 4S - awesome!

    Really enjoying the exitement of using my 4S and constantly finding new features, tools and apps that are within the phone. I almost daily click on a feature i didn't know was available. I suggest taking the time to "play" with this great device. .
  12. benz

    Data usage

  13. benz

    Data usage

    Does streaming netflix use up a lot of data?