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  1. K

    Something wrong with Wifi

    I selected an app yesterday that had to be downloaded through Wifi, so I turned on my Wifi. It shows the Wifi sign on my iPhone for about 5 seconds, then it goes back to 3G (or edge if I have 3G turned off). I have tried restarting my phone, resetting network settings, I've tried entering my...
  2. K

    yellow screen

    I posted about this in my new member thread, but I figured id ask here. Since I bought my iPhone (october 22) I have a yellow spot on my screen. I can only really see it if im in the app store or on a webpage that has a white screen. Its at the bottom left corner, that's the only spot I see it...
  3. K

    Hello :)

    Hey everyone, my name is Kim and I'm new here. I have owned iPhones since they came out and just recently upgraded to the iPhone 4. So far, I love my iPhone, minus the ugly yellow spots that the screen has on the bottom. I love Apple and have a pretty unhealthy obsession with their products. ;)...