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  1. rebecca4540

    with ios 8.1 coming should we update

    Updated it yesterday and having no issues [emoji4]
  2. rebecca4540

    CandyShell Inked

    Hi guys and girls, I'm living in Ireland and it seems impossible to get the CandyShell Inked cases for iPhone 5s? Iv looked on Speck and the shipping is like $35 on a case that costs $40! It's mask it very expensive. Anyone know where else I could get one? Thanks :-)
  3. rebecca4540

    iPhone 6 Guesses??

    Ya that would be great. I'd love a bigger screen!
  4. rebecca4540

    iPhone 6 Guesses??

    What are people's guesses for new iPhone this year? :)
  5. rebecca4540

    Girly iPhone 5S cases!

    Hi, I'm looking for some girly iPhone cases. I have quite a few already but would like to hear what cases other people are liking? :)
  6. rebecca4540

    Some iPhone and iPad Users Say iOS 7.1 is Considerably Draining Battery Life

    My battery is dying so quick since the update. It goes from 4% to dead :-(